Why You Need a Desktop Vaporizer

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There are two types of vaping devices…

PortableThe trusty portable vaporizer which you carry around with you for vaping on the go. These are popular and affordable because the technology at times is basic but still good enough for a vaping hit.


desktopThen you have the godfathers, the desktop vaporizer. These encase advanced vaping technology and are generally kept at home. They provide longer lasting, better quality vapor to their users.


In this article, we are going to explore why you should invest and own one of these bad boys and how they can rock your world!

Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers are ideal for ‘serious vapers’ and people who vaporize regularly. These people, are looking at getting the most out of their herb combos and maximising their vaping experiences.

Let’s look at these bigger devices in more detail.

Benefits of Using a Desktop Vaporizer:

  • Regular use is more convenient and even more efficient with desktop vaporizers.
  • These units are directly connected to a power source and therefore they have extremely sophisticated heating technology by not having to rely on battery power.
  • The chamber is bigger which means fewer refills and hassle.
  • The larger size of the device often allows room for more superior technology which maximises the vapor quality and vaping experience.
  • Thanks to the advanced heating technology you can also get a smoother tasting vapor and more use of your herbs from some top of the range products.

What Types of Desktop Vapes are There and How Do They Work:

Next, we take a look at the different styles of desktop devices on the market. Everyone has a preference when it comes to these big boys and some want a bit of everything.

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how do they work


Arizer V-Tower Digital VaporizerArizer V-Tower Desktop Vaporizer

Whip vaporizers use food grade tubing as channels for the hot vapor to flow from. You attach this tubing to the chamber and allow the hot air to flow through the herb as you take a draw from the other end of the whip.

It is a great method for controlling the amount of vapor produced and inhaled because it is dependant on your draw. You can also turn off the machine when you are taking a break and come back later.

If you enjoy a social vape you can even opt for a device which allows multi-user adapters. This why you can have more than one whip attached and enjoy relaxing together with your desktop at the helm.

With a whip vaporizer you can monitor your vapor density through the food grade seethrough whip tube.


Volcano Classic with BalloonVolcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer

Balloon vaporizing is a popular vaping method when it comes to desktop fans. It is easy and convenient for longer sessions and also for groups.

With balloons, you don’t have to draw from the working machine, it is in fact very different altogether. How it works is you turn the machine on, fill the chamber and attach your balloon bag. Now all there is to do is turn the fan on and watch the bag inflate with your vapor. When it’s at capacity ( or as much as you like) you can pick up the balloon and enjoy the vapor trapped inside at your convenience.

It lasts about 10 mins so you can enjoy it alone or pass it around in a group of friends, before filling it up again.

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VapirRise DesktopVapirRise2.0 Ultimate Desktop Vaporizer

Finally, for those people who want best of both worlds, there are devices which provide both methods. Some units are designed to do both, Whip and Balloon vaporizing.

Owning a dual desktop vaporizer allows you to experiment with the two methods and perfect for beginners still finding their preferred style.

Sounds too good to be true? The only caveat for these products is because they provide both methods they won’t be as strong as those devices which focus on one single method alone. Makes sense of course but it does not mean they cannot provide an exceptional experience for both.

So that wraps up the types of Desktop vaporizers out there. The last thing we need to talk about is the Investment.

So How Much Will It Cost Me?

A good quality desktop vaporizer will serve you for a long time (especially if you take care of it) so when you invest in one, you get what you pay for.

Top quality vaporizers which are built with the latest technology and highest grade components do come with a higher price tag than portables. However, as mentioned before you get what you pay for. These quality devices last longer, provide better vapor production and often work out better financially in the long term.

Maintenance and replacing parts is inexpensive so there are no expensive ongoing costs beyond the unit purchase.

There you have it, all you need to know about desktop vaporizers. Below are some of the TOP desktop vaporizers we have available at VapeFuse where you can see more details about each product:

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