Why Do People Vape?

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In recent years vaping has overtaken smoking in terms of numbers. Why has this happened? There are several reasons. The first being that tobacco smoking is now banned in many countries across the world – including the USA – except in certain places.

This came about once the dangers of smoking and its links to lung disease and cancer became more widely known. As a result, smokers began looking for a socially acceptable alternative, and vaping was the obvious replacement.

Why do people vape? We’ll have a look at that in some more detail right now.

Reasons for Vaping

Vaping differs from smoking in that the user inhales vapor, rather than smoke. The vapor is created when an atomizer in the vape pen or mod they are using heats an e-liquid to a temperature where it evaporates.

This gives the same sensation when inhaled as smoking tobacco, but without the inherent dangers of tar and other by-products that come about through the burning element of smoking.

However, it is not just e-liquids that can be ingested by vaping. Some vape devices are designed to be used with dry herbs and are very effective. Furthermore, there are reasons why people vape other than simply for enjoyment, especially when we are talking about vaping CBD.

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CBD – cannabidiol – is a compound of the cannabis plant that is entirely legal in the USA, as it does not have the psychotic effects. It is vaped for pleasure but is also vaped for people who suffer from various medical problems.

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It’s not passed for medical use but is proven by users to provide relief from chronic pain, from anxiety and depression and from a few other ailments. It is also said to help people sleep better.

However, many people do not like the idea of vaping, so what is the alternative? The answer to this may lie in cigarettes that use CBD instead of tobacco. So let’s have a look at those.

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What are CBD Cigarettes?

The idea of CBD cigarettes is that smokers can enjoy the benefits of CBD – it is a pleasurable substance to smoke – without the need to buy vaping equipment.

For many users, the CBD cigarette is the best and most natural way to smoke or take CBD, and the easiest too. You can buy CBD cigarettes containing a range of different strengths and strains of CBD, from reputable suppliers who use licenced products, ready-made and suitable for smoking straight away.

There is the element of tar that will be created when smoking as opposed to vaping, which is worth considering when you are looking at the options for using CBD.

However, CBD is not as harmful as tobacco cigarettes even when smoked, and you will find the experience a pleasant and enjoyable one. Should you vape or smoke your CBD? That’s a question we will try and answer in the final part of this article.

Vape or Smoke CBD?

If you already take CBD you will do so either by vaping, as edibles or tinctures or by smoking CBD cigarettes. The method you choose will be the one that suits you and your taste and habits best.

Vaping to Get Energized

For someone who has always smoked and has not converted to vaping, the availability of CBD cigarettes is a great plus. They are made and sold by reputable suppliers so you have no worries on that front and will also be affordable.

Without the need to purchase vaping equipment – which may be a needless expense – you can enjoy your CBD intake the traditional way. So it’s really up to you which way you choose to go.

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