Does Vaporizer Chamber Matter? – Vaporizer Heating Chamber Overview

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Does Vaporizer Chamber Matter? – Vaporizer Heating Chamber Overview

Table of Content

Size of the Chamber
Type of Material
Heating Technology

  1. Arizer Air and Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizers
  2. Arizer Extreme Q and Arizer V-Tower Desktop Vaporizers
  3. Cloud V Pen Vaporizers
  4. Flowermate Portable Vaporizer
  5. FocusVape Portable Vaporizer
  6. Mighty and Crafty Portable Vaporizers
  7. PUFFiT X Portable Vaporizer
  8. Vapir Prima Portable Vaporizer
  9. VapirRise2.0 Ultimate Desktop Whip and Balloon Vaporizer
  10. Volcano Digit and Classic Desktop Balloon Vaporizer
  11. WOW Portable Vaporizer – Dosing Capsule
  12. Zephyr Ion Whip and Balloon Desktop Vaporizer

Well, you’ve probably read or seen a lot of buyer’s guide the moment you heard and decided to switch to vaping, as it is proving to be a lot healthier option to smoking. That’s beside the fact that it is also trendy and chic!

Knowing what lifestyle you live, how often you vaporize, the type of inhalation method you enjoy, the cost of the device and the list goes on and on, are indeed the way to start in deciding what vaporizer works for you. And at the end of the guide, you are left to decide along with the advice, that it all brings down to personal preferences.

So true… but you know what, if you are really serious about switching from smoking to vaping, then you would want to be assured of an experience, that truly guarantees a smooth and seamless transition that will not make you look back and regret your decision.

Vaping, I’d say is a serious decision, that entails right choices to keep you on the right track for the long-term to reap the benefits. With that in mind, after defining your basic requirements in choosing a vaporizer, why don’t you take it to the next level before deciding on getting one.

A vaporizer’s basic features are:

  • Design and Size – either the vaporizer is a portable or a stationary (desktop) one
  • Temperature levels – is it pre-set or comes with a full spectrum of temperature range?
  • Power – does it come with power cord, removable or inbuilt battery

And of course, the heart of the vaporizer, – the Chamber.

The Chamber of the Plenty Desktop Vaporizer

The  Chamber is where your precious material stays during the vaporization process. Therefore, it plays a very important part in the vaping experience.

And today, we give you an in-depth look at the vaporizers’ chambers.

Size of the Chamber

The first obvious thing you would notice in a heating or herb chamber is the size. It could be small, long or wide. Don’t take this aspect of the chamber as just to how much quantity of material it allows you can pack it with.

The Chamber of the FocusVape Adventurer Portable Vaporizer

Having a wide chamber allows your material to spread more evenly in the chamber area, giving it a better exposure to the heat source for an efficient vapor extraction off your dry herbs, while it’s also easier and quicker to heat up. While a small and longer chamber piles up the material and can result in uneven vaporization of materials, especially with conduction heating method.

Type of Material

Next is the material of the chamber is made of.

  • Ceramic is the most commonly used material for most vaporizers. Well, it makes a good choice as it is non-reactive, which means it does not give off any unpleasant smell or flavor to the material when heated. All you get is the clean, pure aroma and flavor of your materials. However, ceramic is also porous giving it a holey look. These little holes can get clogged with small particles, so you need to be extra meticulous in cleaning them and careful, as ceramic is also fragile.
  • Glass is the most ideal chamber material. It is non-reactive like ceramic, no little holes and it’s very easy to clean.  The Arizer Extreme Q, for instance, comes with a Glass Chamber, called Cyclone Bowl, which is fragile, so extra care is needed when handling it. However, this part is also inexpensive so replacement will not be an issue.
  • Stainless Steel, like ceramic and glass, is also non-reactive and with a smooth finish, it makes cleaning very easy. But this material can be heavy, adding extra weight to the vaporizer’s overall weight and it is also an expensive material, that can drive the cost of the device to a hefty price tag.
ChamberThe Chamber of the Iolite Original Butane Powered Portable Vaporizer
  • Aluminum is an efficient conductor of heat and can do well in vaporizing material to reach its boiling point. However, it is a  reactive material, that may have chemical reaction to some materials being heated up.
    However, it heats up very quickly, hence your waiting time is shorter. This material also comes with a smooth finish so cleaning is not a big issue. 


A proper Airflow design plays an important part for every vaporizer’s effective and consistent vapor production. The amount of air that goes into the device up to the chamber has a lot to do with the quality of vapor and the draw. Having too much airflow will bring down the temperature in the herb chamber resulting to ineffective, inconsistent vaporization.

Airflow Adjuster of the FocusVape PRO Portable Vaporizer

While too little airflow makes taking a draw difficult. Hence, it is always recommended to pack the chamber with herbs not too tight, but not too loose either to allow air to pass through in between the material, especially for chambers that use convection heating method.

Heating Technology

Dry herb vaporizers use two (2) methods of heating technology:

  • Conduction
  • Convection

But with all the technological advancement we have nowadays, there are vaporizers that offer both methods giving you options to experience both worlds.

Conduction heating chamber requires herbs to touch the heat source to release vapor, while the convection method uses hot air to vaporize the material.

Chamber with conduction heating warms up faster, which can be an advantage if you don’t have much time for your session. The downside though is uneven vaporization of materials, as only those parts of your dry herb blend which touch the heated surface get vaporized, hence the need to stir your material.

Convection heated chamber utilizes hot air, that passes through the material to evenly vaporize. This is the most preferred method due to the effective vaporization process leaving you with perfectly vaped material and no waste. Although, it may take a little longer to heat up.

You can learn more about these two (2) methods in our post here: How vaporizers work.

Above are the factors that are definitely worth looking into, when checking out a vaporizer’s chamber to ensure you get what you paid for and to make vaping truly relaxing and exceptional.

And now, let’s look more closely at the individual dry herb vaporizer’s chambers.  

Vaporizers featured in this post are available at

Arizer Air and Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizers

  • The chamber is made out of stainless steel
  • Heating time is 90-120 seconds
  • The temperature of the Air is between 180°C-210°C, Solo 50°C-210°C
  • Can be used for dry herbs only
  • To access the chamber, simply lift the top cover
  • The material is loaded into the glass aroma tube, not to the chamber itself. You can use the stem cap to cover the end of the glass stem, so you can carry your prepacked tube.
  • Heating Method:
    • The Arizer Air is a hybrid vaporizer utilizing both conduction and convection heating methods.
    • The Arizer Solo comes with convection heating.

Arizer Extreme Q  and Arizer V-Tower Desktop Vaporizers

  • Both vaporizers come with Glass “chamber”, called Cyclone Bowl
  • Utilizes a Ceramic Heating Element, which comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to clean the glass parts, simply use some rubbing alcohol and warm water
  • Glass parts are custom made and fragile so need to be extra careful
  • Tuff Bowl is available for purchase, which is basically the Cyclone Bowl, but with a teflon cover, which keeps the cyclone bowl safe from any damage and cracks, in case you drop the bowl
  • Temperature of the Arizer Extreme Q and Arizer V-Tower is between 180°C-210°C
  • Just a note: the temperature in the chamber is always lower than the temperature displayed on the digital screen, as that is the temperature of the heating element where the chamber sits
  • It is recommended to set the temperature a bit higher, just to achieve the desired Celsius/Fahrenheit in the glass bowl chamber as well
  • Take caution in handling glass parts, as these can get hot, while the wall of the Extreme Q and V-Tower stays cool thanks to their dual wall housing
  • The Arizer Extreme Q and V-Tower can be used with dry herbs or with essential oils for aromatherapy purposes (a glass aroma dish is included in the kit)
  • Utilizes Convection heating method, as the herb is in the glass bowl and no direct contact with the heating element
  • All parts can be replaced and available at VapeFuse

Cloud V Pen Vaporizers

  • CloudV Vapes come with a smaller chamber:
    • Phantom Premium can accommodate up to 0.3g dry herb
    • Phantom Mini can carry up to  0.2g
  • Above depends on how finely grounded herbs you use
  • These vaporizers are for dry herb use only
  • Optimized heating chamber
  • The CloudV Vapes come with a Convection chamber
  • Heat up time is less than a minute
  • Cleaning the chamber is easy
  • Preset temperatures:
    • Phantom Premium – 3 settings 190°C, 210°C, 225°C
    • Phantom Mini – 1 setting 210°C-220°C
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • To open the chamber, screw down the mouthpiece

Flowermate Portable Vaporizer

  • The Flowermate range comes with Ceramic heating chambers
  • Conduction heating method, however, the dry herb does not meet with the heater directly
  • Comes with Stainless Steel Pod/ Dosing Capsule (easy to prefill the pods, easier to clean the chamber). If you want to ensure your material has no direct contact with the heated chamber walls, this is your perfect choice.
  • Comes with stainless steel screens
  • Can be used with dry herbs, waxes as well as high viscosity oils
  • The temperature range varies by model (40°C-230°C; 180°C-210°C; 196°C-213°C)
  • Chamber can be easily accessed by sliding the top cover

FocusVape Portable Vaporizer

  • The FocusVape Vapes come with Ceramic chamber
  • Use Convection method
  • Temperature range varies per model
    • FocusVape Pro 80°C-240°C
    • FocusVape 160°C-220°C
  • To load the chamber, simply screw down the top
  • Option to use a Dosing capsule to pre-load it with dry herbs or concentrates. They are also available for purchase.

Mighty and Crafty Portable Vaporizers

  • The Storz and Bickel Mighty and Crafty come with an Aluminum chamber
  • Chamber of both models are of the same size
  • Dosing Capsules are available for purchase. You can pre-fill them with dry herbs or use them with the liquid pad for waxes and concentrates.
  • A Filling Aid is included in the kit to make loading herbs easier
  • Temperature for both the Crafty and Mighty is between 40°C-210°C
  • A removable mesh screen is installed at the bottom of the chamber
  • Utilizes both conduction and convection heating methods
  • To open the chamber just turn the cooling unit right and remove it from the top.
  • If you find the chamber size too big, simply use the additional liquid pad included in the kit as a spacer

PUFFiT X Portable Vaporizer

  • Ceramic chamber
  • Temperature range is between 120°C-210°C
  • The PUFFiT X is equipped with Advanced Forced Air System that drives hot air through your herbs
  • A Vape Enhancer feature in the cap will help your herb to evenly distribute the blend in the chamber
  • To load the chamber, twist the cap located at the top of the device and remove the aluminum cap
  • Comes with a gold plated heating element
  • A great feature is that you can pre-pack your PUFFiT’s chamber and take it with you wherever you go, the PUFFiT is just so discreet
  • Herb stirring attachment comes with the vape

Vapir Prima Portable Vaporizer

  • The Vapir Prima‘s Chamber is made of lead-free brass
  • Chamber size fits 2 persons to use at the same time
  • Temperature range: 176.5°C – 204°C
  • Can be used with dry herbs and concentrates
  • Simply remove the cap to access the chamber
  • A liquid pad is included in the kit and it can also be used as spacer to reduce the chamber size (replacement liquid pad can be purchased)
  • Carry the Prima around with preloaded chamber – put the cap on and you are ready to go
  • Vapir Vaporizers combine both Conduction and Convection-style heating elements to deliver an unprecedented vapor experience!” – as explained by Vapir Enterprises, Inc.

VapirRise2.0 Ultimate Desktop Whip and Balloon Vaporizer

  • The VapirRise2.0 Ultimate comes with two (2) Big Chambers, one for Dry Herbs and another for Liquids
  • Chamber material is stainless steel
  • The chamber gets immersed in hot air and becomes a conductor for heat, while the passing air fills the internal space. Such combination results in a vapor cloud that is dense, flavorful, and 100% non-irritating.
  • Temperature range is between 65°C-215°C
  • Combines convection and conduction methods
  • You can pack the chamber up with materials, while the vaporizer is heating up

Volcano Digit and Classic Desktop Balloon Vaporizer

  • The Volcano‘s Chamber is made of food grade aluminum
  • Pretty large Chamber
  • Filling chamber can be either solid valve or easy valve
  • Easy Valve Filling Chamber measure 6.5cm³
  • Temperature range is 130°C-226°C for the Classic while it is between 40°C-230°C for the Digit
  • Can be used for Dry Herbs or Liquids, Liquid chamber is available for purchase at VapeFuse.
  • If you find the Chamber size too big for your material to vaporizer, simply use the liquid pad on top of the herb, or you can purchase a filling chamber reducer
  • Dosing capsules are also available for the filling chamber reducer.

WOW Portable Vaporizer  – Dosing Capsule

  • The Wow Vaporizer comes with Stainless Steel Dosing Capsule
  • If using the dosing capsule this will make the heating process convection
  • Replacement dosing capsules are available for purchase
  • To access the chamber, flip over the mouthpiece
  • Temperature range is 180°C-250C
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Zephyr Ion Whip and Balloon Desktop Vaporizer

  • The Zephyr Ion comes with huge stainless steel herb baskets
  • To load the chamber, open the lid and place the basket in the chamber
  • Temperature range: 37.78°C – 226.67°C
  • The vaporizer is using Convection heating method
  • A great vape for group sessions

Have you got any questions about the vaporizer chambers? Let us know in the comment section below.

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