7 Useful Vaping Tips for Beginners

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7 Useful Vaping Tips for Beginners

Smoking can be very dangerous for your health. Though we all know that smoking tobacco is dangerous, cannabis smoke can also contain carcinogens that can cause lung cancer. Therefore, a better way to get your nicotine fix or use cannabis is to vape.

Vape pens or e-cigarettes use water vapor instead of smoke to get the cannabinoids or nicotine into your bloodstream, and hence they aren’t that dangerous. Furthermore, using vape pens can be a lot of fun, as you can do loads of fun tricks with them.

However, if you are just getting started with vaping, you might find it challenging to adjust. Therefore, here are seven useful tips that will help any beginners start vaping like a pro. So, keep reading to learn more.

Vaping Tips for Beginners

Invest in Quality E-liquids

In every vape pen, you have to put in some E-liquids; though there are many cheap products available in the market, if you want to vape like a pro, you should invest in the premium high-quality stuff.

Cheap and low-quality liquids and cannabis concentrate usually have impurities, which can damage your vape, make you sick, and lead to an underwhelming high. Moreover, the flavors also aren’t any good in the low-quality products.

Therefore, visit www.420sixty.com and find some incredible products according to your liking.

Consider the Flavor

One of the best things about vaping is that you can enjoy a wide range of flavors. Therefore, when you buy some E-liquid for your vape, it is very important to focus on the flavor.

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If you want to keep things simple, you can go for a tobacco flavor, or you can make things more exciting and try out the different flavor samples that most high-end cannabis stores offer.

There are a lot of different categories to choose a flavor from. You can go for fruit, dessert, and candy flavors. So, give different flavors a try and find one that you enjoy the most.

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Learn About VG Ratios

If you are going to start vaping, you should be aware of VG ratios. You might be wondering what VG stands for; well, the answer is vegetable glycerin.

The higher the VG ratio in an e-liquid is, the thicker and denser vapor it makes, and the smoother the hits are. Moreover, E-liquids with higher VG ratios are naturally sweet and have fewer allergens as well.

Keep Your E-liquids Well Maintained

Knowing the right maintenance techniques is as important as buying the right kind of E-liquids. First of all, you need to remember to shake the E-juice thoroughly before using it.

Secondly, remember not to keep your E-liquid vials in direct sunlight, or a very bright area for too long, because this can decrease its potency and limit its effect.

Lastly, it would help if you never kept the E-liquid bottle open for too long, which can compromise its flavor.

If the flavor is too intense, you could leave it open for about 10-15 minutes, but if the bottle stays open more than 30, the flavor will be affected significantly.

Don’t Use Plastic Tanks and Keep Up With Tank Maintenance

Most affordable and mid-range vape kits come with plastic tanks. Now, plastic tanks aren’t bad for most flavors, but if you use an acetic flavor, like citrus or menthol, you should prefer a glass or pyrex tank.

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Acetic E-liquids can damage low quality plastic tanks, which can be quite bad for your health, and it compromises the flavor of the E-liquid as well. Therefore, if you want to look like a pro vaper, glass tanks are a better option.

Moreover, it would help if you also had different tanks for different flavors. Though there are loads of different flavors in the market, most people have a few that they really enjoy and mostly use.

Therefore, you should invest in different tanks to avoid problems like flavor ghosting.
Cleaning a tank isn’t very effective, no matter how much you try, it is mostly very challenging to get the essence of a flavor out of the tank if used for a while.

Still, it doesn’t mean that you don’t clean up your tanks at all. Though each tank is for a dedicated flavor, cleaning it is still very important.

Even if you are using the same flavors, they can burn and get deposited in the tank, which corrupts the flavor, and can also be dangerous. Therefore, you should ideally clean the tanks at least once a week.

FocusVape Pro Battery

Keep Up With Battery Maintenance

You may have heard that vape pens can explode sometimes. Though it is very rare, it is quite possible, especially if you have a low-quality product, and don’t keep up with battery maintenance.

Keeping up with battery maintenance is essential for your protection and the longevity of your vape pen. When you are vaping, the coils heat up to turn the e-liquid into vapor.

During this process, some of the liquid can melt and leak down the coil to the battery. This doesn’t happen in quality vapes, but check your battery for the residue to stay on the safe side.

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The liquid can get to the battery connections and make the battery quite dangerous. It can cause the battery to short circuit and ever explode. Therefore, make sure that you open the battery and check it every once in a while.

Replace Your Coils After A While

The condition of your coils can have a direct impact on the flavor of your vape. Therefore, if you are a beginner, one of the most important things to remember is to replace the coils after a while.

Burnt and melted E-liquid can deposit on the coils and damage them. Therefore, look for any grime or flavor build up on the coils while you are cleaning your vape.

Moreover, if you are getting burnt flavor while vaping, the coil probably needs to be replaced.

Furthermore, it would help if you also remembered to prime the wicks after the coil is changed. This will help you avoid dry hits, which don’t taste too good.

For more vaping tips for beginners as well as for pros, check out our posts in the ‘Vaping Tips’ category here.

Final Thoughts

Vaping is a much better alternative to smoking, and it can be quite fun as well. However, most people find it a bit complicated in the beginning. Therefore, if you are a beginner, I hope that this post was able to help you out.

Have you found these vaping tips for beginners useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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