Vaping or Pre-Rolled Joints – The Ultimate Showdown

As the years go by and cannabis laws change, so do ways in which you can get the most of it. Cannabis enthusiasts now have more options than ever, but two of them are competing for the title of the most convenient and effective.

A cannabis vape pen is powered via USB port, it’s smoke-free and releases less toxic compounds. A pre-rolled joint requires a lighter, it’s great for get-togethers with friends, and it’s a cool, old-school way of consuming cannabis.

Both vaping and smoking can get you high, though.  So which of these methods reigns supreme? Experts from Las Vegas Re Leaf are here to help you make your decision.

Pre-Rolled Joints

Pre-rolled joints, or prerolls, are one step ahead of regular joints. With preroll packs, you no longer have to worry about the lack of your rolling skills.

Prerolls also make your life easier and your cannabis consumption as pleasant as possible. You can collect your order, all rolled up and ready for you to light. Or you can get it delivered, saving you time and nerves. And the advantages don’t end there.

Prerolls come in packs or rolled individually. The packaging conceals the smell so that you can carry them around safely and discreetly. Some of the boxes include matches as well, so you no longer have to look for a lighter hurriedly.

What’s more, producers value their consumers’ opinions and know how important it is to provide them with high-quality products. Pre-rolled joints are rolled with premium cannabis and are vacuum sealed, making sure the aroma doesn’t get lost in the process.

3 Ways to Ease the Transition from Smoking to Vaping

using pre-rolled joints

Additionally, you can get the best value at a reasonable price. Some packs of five cost less than an eighth ounce of the product, and prices vary based on the type. You can try out new strains to see which one you like the most and pick the price point that would be the most affordable for you.

Finally, prerolls make your smoking game go up a notch. Not only are they convenient, but they are also very stylish and look super cool. Some of them come in fancy, chic packaging, making it natural and discreet like smoking a cigarette, but more elevated.

You can also share them with your friends and enjoy the moment together. For many people, smoking is still the most popular cannabis consumption method. It’s been known for centuries, and people swear by its effectiveness.

Cannabis Vape Pens

The second contender is just as powerful. By some, vaping is considered to be the future of cannabis consumption. Why? Let’s quickly recap how vaping cannabis actually works.

First, you need ground-up cannabis flowers inside the heating chamber or some cannabis oil in cartridges. Your vape pen heats the cannabis without burning it, vaporizing the active ingredient and getting you into the zone.

So what are the advantages? First, people praise it because they find it convenient. Vaporizers come in the form of thin, pen-shaped devices you can take out whenever you feel like it (as long as it’s legal) and take a puff.

USB powered vape pen

Moreover, the process doesn’t result in smoke. Vaping produces a fragrant vapor, which makes it more discreet than smoking. It turns out it can also be healthier.

Are Vaporizers the Safest Way to Smoke Weed?

The temperature is lower (you can customize it according to the type of your vape pen), and there’s no combustion. As a result, your lungs and throat are less likely to get irritated.

What’s more, there’s new evidence showing that vaping cannabis is actually more effective than smoking. Upon combustion, up to 50 percent of cannabinoids are immediately destroyed. As the smoke burns off, you can lose another 15-20 percent of active compounds.

Because vaping allows you to heat the content to just the right temperature and doesn’t involve combustion, it enables you to get the most out of the active substance.

Finally, let’s hear the most important health-related advantage. Research shows that vaporizing cannabis doesn’t result in the creation of harmful, toxic, and potentially carcinogenic compounds found in cannabis smoke. Vaping a quality product won’t produce carbon dioxide, either.

Because of that, vaping medical marijuana is considered to be a safer alternative to smoking.

Some people believe that vaping is for technology-obsessed nerds, and it takes away the joy of cannabis consumption. However, you probably won’t find a cooler thing than marijuana to vape, so you definitely won’t lose your cool points there.

Make sure you use quality products, though, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.


As you can see, both methods have their high and low points. Depending on your personal preferences, as well as health and lifestyle needs, you may want to consider one or the other.

Maybe you’ve had some experiences with one of them already. Whatever the case, feel free to experiment with these two methods and find out which one works best for you.

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Alison White

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