Vaping and Dating

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Vaping and Dating

Recently, Vaping has become a part of many people’s identities. Beyond being a habit, vaping, for many, is a lifestyle. Vaping is part of their daily routine and part of who they are. Many debates on vaping, whether it is any different from smoking and whether it is healthier. So far, there has been enough evidence to prove that vaping is far better than the direct smoking of weed, cannabis, or any dry herb. Vaping is cheaper than smoking and poses little to no risk to the lungs.

These days vaping is so popular that you wouldn’t be wrong to assume you would get at least one or two vapers in every group of five. Then you begin to wonder about the probability of dating someone who is not a vaper. Can you date someone who vapes? Can vaping help you find love? Here at vapefuse, we will satisfy your curiosity so that you can enjoy dating with minimal fuss, whether you are dating a vaper or a vaper yourself.

Can vaping help you find love?

It will be cheeky to answer this question as I have never been a recipient or met one. I have not seen or witnessed any occasion where someone expressly stated they found love because of vaping. I have heard, and I am sure you have heard, too, “I don’t like smokers.” I have never heard someone say, “I hate Vapers.”

In a survey conducted by E-Cigarette Direct on vaping and dating, they asked about 2000 vapers certain questions relating to dating and vaping, and 1931 participants responded. One interesting note was among 1931 participants; only 58 were turned down for being vapers. From this data, we can say vaping doesn’t send love away from you. The first step to finding love is meeting someone and connecting with them. If you can find someone and the fact that you are a vaper doesn’t chase them away, it means you are probably threading the right path.

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Can vaping impact the success of your dating story?

Vaping to many is not unattractive like smoking. And in every group of 100, at least 50 will think deeply and hard before considering a smoker, but that is not the case with vapers. From the survey we discussed earlier, you can see that at least 944 of the participant didn’t see any problem with vaping. From various studies, it has been suggested that smoking significantly reduces the chances of having a successful romantic relationship.

Vaping can not directly impact the success of a romantic relationship as there is more to a relationship than being a vaper or a not. But from the survey, we can see that vaping poses little threat to any relationship. Vaping is more widely accepted than smoking in most romantic relationships. Many are likelier to kiss a vaper than a smoker after smoking. And those who have profiles on dating sites are happy to state that they are vapers, but not many will be proud to upload on their profile that they are smokers.

Can you date a vaper and have a peaceful relationship?

A higher percentage of vapers are converts. This means they were once smokers who decided to quit smoking for vaping. On this note, you may have to tread cautiously. The vaping lifestyle can affect one’s temperament, so you should know what end of the spectrum your partner stands.

If you understand your partner well and know how to soothe them, you will have an amazing relationship. If you are uncomfortable with vaping, don’t date your partner, hoping to change them. Your chances of success are very slim. If you can embrace your partner for who they are, you will have a successful relationship.
As a vaper, is everything acceptable when dating?

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There are several things you should take note of when dating as a vaper. Not everything is acceptable. You are not alone anymore. In everything you do, you should think from two people’s points of view. If your partner is a vaper, it is easier, but if your partner is not a vaper, you need to be cautious in your dealings. Here are a few tips you should note when dating as a vaper;

Don’t keep it a secret: Not everyone appreciates vaping, so before you delve into a relationship, ensure you tell your partner, that way, they can embrace you for who you are. You will spend a large part of your day with them, so hiding that fact can damage your relationship. It is better to be open and let your partner find a way to come to terms with that.

Don’t attempt to impose vaping on your partner: It is natural for people to loaf one or two habits from their partners. If vaping intrigues your partner, they will attempt it themselves. Don’t force your partner into vaping because you want to feel better. That is a terrible idea. You risk jeopardizing your relationship.

Don’t get misinterpreted; watch your habits: When conversing with your partner, ensure you don’t vape there. It can appear rude, and if you must vape at that moment, it will be polite to excuse yourself from their presence.

Don’t be sly; wash up before making romantic advances: If you are not a vaper, you wouldn’t want to kiss your partner immediately after they’ve vaped. Why would you think your partner would feel differently? Yes, vaping doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste or smell like smoking, but the flavor can sometimes be too strong. What works for you may not work for your partner. You can brush your teeth and even spray perfume if you van before making any advances to your partner.

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Dating and vaping can work harmoniously if caution is taken and a few things are considered. Being a vaper or dating one doesn’t make a dent in relationships. Embrace who you are and be proud of the choice you’ve made. Don’t be shy to upload your profile and mention you are a vaper. Anyone who wants to date you wouldn’t care too much but find a way to enjoy your relationship.

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