5 Vaping Accessories That Make Great Stocking Stuffers

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5 Vaping Accessories That Make Great Stocking Stuffers

E-cigarettes have seen an explosion in popularity within recent years. From tanks and mods to coils and fluids, there is seemingly no end of gear and options to choose from.

Finding just the right stocking stuffer for someone who vapes could be an easier undertaking than you might expect.

Disposable E-Cigarettes

While high-end equipment often comes with a hefty price tag, cheaper options still have their place. Disposables are perfect for smokers who might be considering the transition as well as established vapers who might be wary about using their best equipment in certain environments or situations.

Disposables are very convenient to use as you don’t need to worry about how much charge is left and there is no need to refill or charge the device. The popular brands under this category are Puff Bar, Posh Vape and VGOD Stig.

Cheap and available in a wide range of options, disposable e-cigarettes can make perfect gifts.

Cleaning Accessories

Regular cleaning and routine maintenance is essential for keeping tanks and mods in good working order. Cleaning accessories are always a welcome addition to any e-cigarette kit or collection. Friends and family members who vape are sure to appreciate such items during the holidays.


New Fluids, Juices and Flavors

One of the main benefits of e-cigarettes is the endless range of flavors and options to choose from. Gifting a vaper with new juice or new nic salts in fun flavors that can help them to get the most out of the experience.

Sample and variety packs of fluids and juices are sure to be a hit.

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Carrying Cases

Despite its essential nature, carrying cases are one vaping accessory that often goes overlooked. While low-end cases only cost a couple of bucks, a high-end carrying case can end up costing just as much as the mod itself.

Small enough to fit within a stocking, cases are available to fit any budget.

A Back-up Mod

From having to wait for a recharge to dealing with lost or broken equipment, having a spare mod handy can often be a real life-saver.

A back-up device may not need to provide the same features and performance options. Cheaper equipment or mods designed with travel in mind can often be just as good. For serious vapers, owning more than one mod can be an essential concern.

From casual vapers to heavy smokers who are looking for a way to kick the habit, vaping needs and habits can differ quite a bit. Learning a little more about what vaping accessories do can help you to narrow down your choices.

The right vaping accessories are a key part of the vaping experience and often make for an ideal holiday gift option.

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