Vape Cartridge vs Vape Tank

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Vape Cartridge vs Vape Tank

In the world of vaping, the debate of which is better, a vape cartridge or a vape tank is very common. This is because they are the 2 alternate choices that affect your choice of how you use e-cigarettes. This choice particularly affects newbies who are just switching to vaping. Vaping has many different terminologies which can always be confusing for newbies because they have little knowledge about vaping, the exception is those who have people to put them through. However, those who don’t have people to put them through might be confused about what is right for them. It is important to stress at this point that individual preferences at this point would inadvertently affect their vaping experience. So in this article, we compare the cartridge-based system to the tank-based system, read on to learn more,

Vape Cartridge

The vape cartridge is also referred to as a cartomizer, it is part of the extra attachment of the e-cigarette or vape pen. It is cylindrical in shape and narrow in size. It is mainly used for storage. The use of vape cartridges popularized the use of e-cigarettes because of their unique design and features. Initially, it had a design of a 3 piece system consisting of other components like the atomizer and battery. Later on, there were modifications in designs that reduced the components to just 2 consisting of the cartridge itself and the atomizer. And this is why it is called a cartomizer because modern vape cartridges consist of the cartridge itself and the atomizer. Identifying a cartridge-based system is straightforward, it usually looks like a normal cigarette that is common around. And this makes it advantageous as it makes it easier for people to blend in with it. Although the recent campaign against cigarettes could be disadvantageous, it is still easier to use. It is important to note that cartridges are disposable and should be properly discarded when due. It may be advisable to buy pre-filled cartridges as it takes away the stress of refilling and also ensures consistent flavor production. This is subject to individual discretion, however. The only drawback for this is that it is usually more expensive and would hold fewer vapors because these cartridges generally are less than tanks.

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The pros of using a vape cartridge:

  • The use of a vape cartridge is simple and can be replaced with ease
  • It is very familiar as it looks typically like the usual cigarettes found around, this makes it common.
  • It produces consistent flavor and nicotine strengths

The cons of using a vape cartridge:

  • When it comes to per puff, the use of vape cartridges is more expensive
  • Vape cartridges will not last long
  • The flavor does not change and thus does not produce a variety of flavors.
  • It is smaller than a vape tank and thus can only hold about 0.5-1.0 ml of liquid. This is about half of the size of a tank,
  • A vape cartridge does not have replaceable atomizer coils and would eventually have to be thrown away once its liquid content is finished.

Vape Tank

Vape Tanks are the rave of the moment, it is increasingly becoming an integral part of mainstream vaping, signaling a drastic rise in their acceptance ahead of vape cartridges. This is why it is common to find people puffing smoke from devices that do not look like regular cigarettes. Driving their widespread acceptance is their performance which has been rated high. They are known to have better performance than vape cartridges. Compared to cartridges, they produce more vapors, their batteries last longer than others. It also holds more liquids than cartridges, this means that it would last longer before a need for a refill arises. All this makes it a decent choice of use in today;’s world.

Also because it does not look like regular cigarettes it is more likely to escape regulatory scrutiny that has faced the use of vape cartridges.

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However, vape tanks are usually more noticeable than vape cartridges as they are bigger and thus cannot be easily concealed although this is not a big deal as it could easily be carried out. Also, you would need to learn to refill the tank yourself. It cost less than the vape cartridge per puff but initial procurement could be expensive.

That is not all, vape tanks come in different premium features, especially in terms of the premium e-liquid feature that comes in different flavors and strengths of nicotine, with vape tanks firing flexibility of refilling, different flavors could be combined.

The pros of vape tank:

In summary, vape tanks offer:

  • It has a longer-lasting battery life after charging than a vape cartridge
  • It is more durable than a vape cartridge
  • With vape tanks, there is a better user experience as they offer more flavor choices
  • Vape cartridge is bigger than vape cartridges and can hold up to 2 ml of liquid

The cons of vape tanks:

In summary

  • Vape tanks are bigger and not easily concealed
  • The initial procurement cost is expensive
  • The need for refill could be burdensome and sometimes complicated in some cases

Which is better?

Well, both vape cartridges and vape tanks are both good, you just have to trade off some features if you decide to stick to any of the two. But which of the two should be your preferred choice? There is no straightforward answer to that as your taste and how you would love to enjoy your vaping experience is an important factors to consider. However, for starters, it could be better to start with a vape cartridge. Newbies find it easier to use it because it is more familiar and not as cumbersome as vape tanks. However, as you get better with vaping, you might probably go for an ape tank. However, if you have some experience with vaping, you can decide to go directly for vape tanks. Because experienced users would easily handle it and flow more with the high vapor turnout. The high vapor turnout of vape cartridges could be injurious to newbies.

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