V-NIX Vapour Pen Reimagined by Vaper Empire

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We have been testing out the brand new V-NIX Vapour Pen by Vapor Empire. Having been using the Vibe Vaping System for almost 2 years now, I was very excited to try the new V-NIX.

I also tried the Viggo Pod System from Vaper Empire and I love the portability and ease of use, but I find the refillable solution more appealing due to the fact they produce less waste.

So the idea of a smaller pen-style vape with a refillable tank was very exciting.


Features of the V-NIX Vapor pen

Adjustable Wattage

Being able to adjust the wattage of your vape pen means more control in your hands. Some people prefer lesser wattage to get the most out of their e-liquid and enjoy smooth and flavourful clouds.

On the other hand, many of us love the enormous clouds that you get with higher wattage. Well, with the V-NIX Vapour Pen you can have the best of both words and even in between.

Simply press and hold the power button to cycle between the 3 preset wattages at 10.5W, 12W, and 13.5W.

Adjustable Airflow

Another important part of your vaping experience is how tight the airflow of your vape is. We all seem to have a preference and with this vape pen, you have full control. Simply adjusting the ring above the power button enables you to adjust the airflow, giving you even more control of your vaping experience.

V-NIX Vapour Pen Reimgined by Vaper Empire

Elegant Design

The V-NIX Vapour Pen features a slim elegant design that is portable enough to go with your everywhere life takes you.

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The 2ml capacity tank is surely large enough to last for quite some time.

While the magnetic mouthpiece cap makes it perfectly suitable to pocket the vape as you wish.

It feels great in the hand and looks awesome all around.


I am very pleased with the look and feel as well as the performance of the V-NIX Vapour Pen and I would surely recommend it to anyone to check it out.

If you like the idea of personalising your vaping experience with variable wattage and adjustable airflow, this is surely the vape for you.


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