TOQi 510 Oil Cartridge Vaporizer Review

We’ve reviewed many 510 threaded oil cart vapes here at VapeFuse. It is not every day we came across one, like the TOQi 510.

Let me explain, many of the 510 vapes on the market are extremely similar. There are only minor differences, however, they are very similar in size, shape, and functionality. The TOQi 510 vape seems to be bringing a new, out of the box approach to 510 thread oil cart vaping. Let’s dive in and check out how well it works.

The Design of the TOQi 510 oil cart vape

If you’ve seen other 510 oil vapes, you’ll notice right away that the TOQi vape looks quite different from most vapes you’ve seen before.

The battery is packed into a palm-sized oval-shaped lightweight body. It weighs just under 35 grams.  There is LED lighting around the inner oval shape, which the vape uses to communicate with you.

LED light functions on the TOQi

When you unlock the TOQi 510, the LED will flash 5 times. The color of the LED flashing depends on the battery charge level. Green LED indicates that the battery has more than 90% power left. Orange color means that your battery is between 20 and 90%. Red light means that your battery is below 20% charge. When the battery gets this low, the LED will flash red 3 times after every draw you take.

Once your battery is unlocked, you can toggle between 3 variable voltage settings by pressing the button 3 times.

Cyan light indicates low power at 2.6 Volt. Blue light is medium power at 3.6 V and purple is the highest power setting at 3.8 Volt.

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Toqi 510 vape on charger

The oval LED light is red while the battery is charging and turns green when it is fully charged. The LED flashes green twice when you attach a compatible 510 threaded oil cartridge. We used CCell TH2 cartridges with the TOQi 510. The LED flashes red twice when you take your cart off the 510 thread.

The 510 thread is located at the top of the battery. While the bottom houses a USB – C charging port.

The Easiest 510 Battery to Charge

The battery not only charges via USB – C though. It is also capable of Qi-compatible wireless charging. That means you have as much freedom with charging your vape as possible. Instead of a custom charging port, that many other vapes offer, you get two commonly available charging options.

You can purchase a wireless charging pad as an optional accessory, although you can use any Qi wireless charger. You can simply use your Samsung smartphone to charge the TOQi 510 via Samsung Power Share. The position of the TOQi 510 on the charger seems to matter. Try to position the central oval of your battery on the center of the wireless charger to make sure it is charging.

Charging options don’t stop there. TOQi also offers an optional wireless power bank, that can charge your 510 via a USB – C cable. You can even use it to charge your smartphone at the same time, as you can see in the picture above.

toqi 510 and charging accessories

How to Use the TOQi 510 vape

Using the 510 is very simple. Screw a 510 threaded oil cartridge onto the thread. Unlock the 510 with 5 presses on the button in a sequence. Next, adjust your voltage by toggling the power button 3 times. That’s it, you are all set and good to go.

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Simply press the button and inhale to take a draw on your cart.


The TOQI 510 is a breath of fresh air to the ever-growing range of 510 threaded vapes. There are many new batteries that take the same old approach or copy stand out models like the CCell Palm, Silo, or PCKT One Plus. Original designs like the TOQi 510 are not as common. If you often run out of battery or forget charging cables, the 510 may just solve your problem.

We enjoyed using the TOQi 510 and found it super simple to use it. The accessories are not limited to be used with the vape, you can also use both the wireless charging pad and the wireless power bank to charge your phone as well. Getting multiple uses out of vaping accessories is very practical and useful.

We enjoyed using the TOQi 510 and combined with the accessories it is a great package to anyone looking to take their 510 threaded oil vaping to the next level.



I have been vaporizing herbs for many years and working for VapeFuse in Australia and Europe. I try every vaporizer and fortunate enough to have this as part of my job. I feel like I am living the dream. I love to hear from other vapers, so always feel free to comment on my posts. Keep on vaping.

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