Top ways to vape flower, all you need to know

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Top ways to vape flower, all you need to know

Vaping has become one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis and all similar flowers. Vaporization has proven to have greater potency, has low health risk, and has a portable and convenient device to match. So it is no surprise that vaping is famous. There are numerous vaping options in the market, and it will require great understanding from a consumer to vape right.

Many have singled out vaping as a more desirable method of consuming cannabis and hemp. It holds little health risk and also offers desirable effects.

The main process of vaping flowers involves heating and converting them into vapor before inhaling them. Your flower is heated at lower temperatures to escape combustion, and this converts the active elements in your flowers into vapor.

How to vape flowers

There are a few methods of vaping flowers. Majorly we have tabletop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and vape pens.
Unlike smoking, vaping tends to be a little more complex. It is complex because you have certain tools designed to heat the flowers to a point where you can vape them.

  • Your flower: It is important to have your dry herbs. Fresh flowers wouldn’t work well for vaping. Ensure the buds you want to use are not sticky. If they are, you won’t enjoy vaping.
  • A grinder: it is safe to say you can’t enjoy vaping without a grinder. Before you can vape your flower, you must grind them, making this a very necessary Armour in your arsenal.
  • A vaporizer: Commonly, we have potable or desktop vaporizers. They are specifically designed for vaping. And if you want to vape, there’s no better option than to go for your vaporizers. The desktop vaporizer is stationary and can only work when plugged in. It cannot be moved easily. On the other hand, the portable vaporizer is battery-driven, well-designed, and pocket-friendly. You can charge it and take it along with you wherever you go.
  • Accessories for cleaning: many vaporizers come aloe with their cleaning tools. Typically you have a brush. Some also come with a stir tool. Cotton swabs, isopropyl alcohol, and pipe cleaners are other important cleaning accessories.
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With these tools, you are set on vaping your flower in the best possible way. Here is a step-by-step guide to vaping :

Grind your flower

Your flower is the first important ingredient, but with your flower alone, you cant vape. That’s where your grinder comes to the fore. Usually, most vape chambers get filled with around 0.25g to 0.5g of the flower. Put your flower in your grinder and grind them into fine tiny pieces. It’s similar to smoking. It would help if your flower were ground into fine particles to vaporize well. Grinders are available online at various cannabis dispensaries, and it’s not difficult to access them.

Load your chamber

Now that you have your grounded flower, you can load your chamber with the flower. There are different vapes, but vapes that take flowers have smaller chambers at the sides or the bottom. Fill the chamber up. That way, you can avoid continuous refills. Then ensure you seal the chambers with the lid or flap, depending on your type of vape. It is important to go through the user manual for your vape so that you can handle it properly.

Select your desired temperature

Most vapes have temperature regulators, but there are also good numbers without temperature settings. As we established earlier, flower vapes work by heating the flower to release the active compound in them. If your vape has a temperature regulator, you will have to set the temperature to be around 182 to 193 oC. If your vape doesn’t have a temperature regulator, you must turn it on and let it heat up a bit. The temperature is not standard, so you can adjust it to suit your need. For first-timers, a mild effect is what you need. Temperature a little below 182 oC will do the trick. If you are a seasoned user with considerable high tolerance, you can go for a temperature of over 198 oC.

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Allow your vape warm-up.

Typically it takes about 2 to 4 minutes for vapes to warm up fully. Using the vape too early may not produce the desired effect. Allow it to warm well so you can inhale the desired compound and reap the benefits of vaping. Some vapes have led indicators; when it is fully warm, the led light will turn on to indicate it is ready. Sometimes because of the high heat, your flower may have a faint smell.

Inhale with the mouthpiece

Like using a straw, put your vape on your lips and breath in through the mouthpiece. Usually, most flower vapes don’t have buttons to press. Very few have buttons; if you have a flower vape with a button, you can press it down as you inhale. It is up to you the effect that you feel. The effect you experience depends on how much you inhale. After you inhale, hold for five to ten seconds, then you exhale slowly to release it.

When you are done, clean out your chamber.

A little over five hits, and your flower is spent. It is easy to tell. When you take a hit, and it doesn’t taste or smell like the original flower, then you know it’s time to change it. You can open the chamber and offload the used flower, reload if you want more, or clean out for later. When you want to clean, ensure that you take out every piece of the flower in the chamber. Then you use cotton swap and isopropyl to swab out the chamber gently. Allow the vape to dry before closing and use it later.

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Ways to enjoy vaping.

For seasoned vapers, sometimes vaping could become boring, so you need to spice things up a bit. For newcomers to vaping, take your time with these few tips, you don’t need to rush. Find what works for you and stick with it. To enjoy the best vaping experience, there are a few things to note:

  • Choose the right product
  • Try different vaping styles
  • Try different flavors
  • Choose your surroundings
  • Properly care for your vape.
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