The Mighty Vaporizer Challenge: The Mighty vs. PAX 3

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What do you consider the best portable vaporizer on the market today? I consider it to be The Mighty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel. It’s certainly up there in size, price ($450), and popularity. You can see my reasons why the Mighty is “the very best vaporizer on the market” here. 

After being given the opportunity to review and test many vaporizers from VapeFuse, I have decided to see if I can find any vaporizer that beats The Mighty.  So today we have the PAX 3.

Enter the challenger: PAX 3

The PAX line of vaporizers by PAX Labs has been on my to must try list for a long time but as a bit of a power user, it never convinced me to be a worthy purchase due to its size and need for more regular cleaning.

The PAX 3 looks and feels like an Apple product and sits at around the $300 RRP mark. Certainly, not a cheap vaporizer but does fall quite an amount cheaper than the Mighty, $450 RRP.

Vapor Production & Quality

The Mighty’s vapor production is that of a high-end desktop vaporizer. It’s pretty phenomenal in how much vapor can be generated at around 182°C (360°F).

I pack around 0.2g into the Mighty and it lasts around 10 minutes of fairly nonstop use to get the herb to a dark brown color with a crispy consistency.

The PAX 3’s vapor production on the other hand barely exists at 182°C (360°F) when I bump it up to around 205°C (400°F) visible vapor is more common but is not experienced frequently. I am unsure if this is its intended design as it does make for a more discrete vaping experience.

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However, at 205°C (400°F) I found it took 20-25 minutes to vape a chamber (0.2g) hitting it constantly to a dark brown consistency. The quality of the vapor was also subpar when compared to The Mighty (likely due to the higher temperature needed to produce visible vapor).

My biggest issue with the PAX with regards to vapor production is not that it doesn’t produce clouds, is that it takes a long time to complete a small 0.2g chamber.

I could see this being fine for people who are looking to microdose throughout the day or don’t consume much cannabis to medicate. Something I did notice is that the PAX smells more than The Mighty when in use. (The actual device, not the vapor)

Battery life

The Mighty Vaporizer gives around 90 minutes of continuous vaping. Given its size, you would hope so!
The PAX 3 also gives around 90 minutes of continuous vaping. Given its size, I did not expect that at all!

The difference here, however, is that the PAX 3 will only complete 5 or so 0.2g chambers while The Mighty will give 8-10 0.2g chambers.

If not even a bit more if you wanted to push it. The Mighty certain does win here, but the PAX 3 for such a small device has a pretty fantastic battery life which can’t be understated.

The PAX 3 can’t be used while being charged. The Mighty can, this is a feature I very much appreciate that my Mighty can do.

Aesthetics, gimmicks & cleaning

Aesthetically the PAX 3 is, in my opinion, the best looking vaporizer on the market. It feels incredible to hold and is the right size to be considered incredibly discrete.

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The Mighty looks like a machine and is incredibly large in comparison and isn’t quite as discrete. If I was sneaking in a vaporizer into a concert, I certainly would prefer the PAX 3 to The Mighty. But here’s where the PAX 3 falls down.

The Mighty comes with a packing tool built into the device, the PAX 3 does not. This makes stirring, packing and changing your PAX 3’s herb a much more difficult process.

The Mighty also has the ability to have prefilled chambers, which also makes for FAR more discrete vaporizing when changing over your herb. This is a huge plus for me.

The PAX 3 has an application to manage your heat temperatures and has a few different modes for how the temperature rises. But overall it’s just a gimmick that I don’t really care for or find that interesting to use. The Mighty just has a screen which allows me to adjust from the device directly.

Cleaning the PAX 3 requires a little bit more work than The Mighty. And it needs to be done more often. This is also a huge negative.

Breaking Down the Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer

So how does the PAX 3 hold up to The Mighty?

Not very well, it’s not built to be a device for a power user. But I can see the PAX 3 having its place for people who don’t vape often and are just looking for a cool vaporizer to take out and about. But if you’re needing quality vapor fast, the PAX 3 is not for you.

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