X Vape Vista

VapeFuse Review: The X Vape Vista All-in-One eNail/eRig [VIDEO]

Concentrate vaping has reached new leaps and bounds thanks to the all-new X Vape Vista from TopGreen Technology.   The pinnacle of all-in-one vaping technology, the Vista comes equipped with dual eRig/eNail functionality so that you can easily find your ultimate wax vaping experience. The kit it comes with is super advanced and includes everything … Read more

X Vape FOG vs Flowermate Swift Pro

X Vape FOG vs Flowermate Swift Pro: VapeFuse Review

Hey VapeFusers, The first half of 2018 has brought some amazing portables to the VapeFuse store! Two of my absolute favorite portables at the moment are the X Vape FOG and the Flowermate Swift Pro portable vaporizers. These devices are simply remarkable in their own right. After over 20 years of portable vaporizers being on … Read more

X Vape FOG Portable Vaporizer

The X Vape FOG Full Convection Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

Hey VapeFusers! If you’re up to date with the VapeFuse blog you’ll know that I’ve been raving about the X Max line of vaporizers lately! They offer premium devices with affordable price tags and are totally shifting the game up a notch. Their latest release, the X Vape FOG, is an affordable powerhouse with amazing … Read more

X Vape FOG vs X Max Starry

X Vape FOG vs X Max Starry: Which One’s for You?

What’s up VapeFusers, My favorite line of vapes at the moment is the X Max and X Vape series. If you’re a price-conscious consumer that also loves quality vaporizers, TopGreen Technology has a vaporizer to suit you. The brand has a bunch of portable dry herb and wax vaporizers that you can check out in our … Read more

Meet the X Max Line of Portable Vapes

There’s almost nothing I like more than tearing the plastic wrap off a new vaporizer. At VapeFuse, I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to test every product we bring in to make sure that it’s up to our high standards. If we’re not happy with a device then you can be sure we won’t … Read more