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3 Ways to Get a Cleaner Smoking Experience

When it comes to smoking your cannabis or other substances, you know that there are various ways to do so. From rolling your own joints to putting a bud in your bong, each smoking experience is slightly different from the next. If you’re on a mission to get yourself a cleaner smoking experience, here are … Read more

Using a Bubbler With a Vaporizer Can Improve Your Vaping Experience

What Is a Vape Bubbler?

A bubbler is a device in which air, smoke, gas, or vapor is bubbled through a liquid, usually water. These devices are most commonly made out of glass.

This attachment is normally referred to as a Bubbler and can almost always be found with other vaping accessories and can be used for both pen vaporizers and desktop vaporizers (there may be different attachments for both).

Vaporizer Bubblers and Herbs

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