Vaper Empire Viggo Pod - Berry Crush

Vaper Empire Berry Crush Viggo Pod Review

Vaper Empire’s Berry Crush Viggo Pod flavour is the latest flavour e-liquid pod for the popular Viggo system. We have tried many flavours from Vaper Empire previously. Most recently the Watermelon Mint and based on those previous experiences, we were expecting a good punch from the Berry Crush. It did not disappoint us. This new … Read more

VIGGO Vape Pod by Vaper Empire

VIGGO Vape Pods by Vaper Empire Review

An Introduction to the Viggo Vape Pods The Vaper Empire Viggo Vape Pod System is powered by the Viggo vaporizer and fuelled by your Viggo vape pods. Pod systems, like the Viggo are becoming very popular around the world. The reason for this is that they are significantly lighter and easier to maintain than traditional … Read more

Viggo Pod System Vaporizer by Vaper Empire

Vaper Empire – Viggo Vape Pod Starter Kit Review

In this post, we are reviewing the Vaper Empire Viggo vape pod starter kit. We have used other products from Vaper Empire before and were excited to give the Viggo a try. Pod style vaping seems to be here to stay. It offers a travel-friendly, lightweight and hands-free vaping that is hard to achieve with … Read more