Factors that Contribute to a Longer Marijuana High

Vaporizers: Making the Future of The Cannabis Industry Combustion Free

The cannabis industry has been dynamically evolving every New Year. With that change, vaporizers are quickly emerging as the future of the cannabis industry. It wasn’t long ago that the concept of medibles (medicated edibles) and tinctures were not so popular. But these days, one can expect new product lines with targeted cannabinoids to hit the market … Read more

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Do You Get a Different Type of High from Vaping?

Vaping has drawn a lot of attention over the last few years, especially with the explosion of popularity of discreet vaping devices. While the consumer research done on vaping cannabis is nowhere near conclusive, many cannabis users are quick to share personal experiences on vaping versus smoking weed. Does vaping really give you a different … Read more

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Should You Burn Off Your New Vaporizer Before First Use?

When you get your first vaporizer, you want to make sure you are off to a great start with your brand new exciting gadget. One of the first things that many experienced vapers will tell you is to burn off your new vape before you use it. Others totally disagree and say that it is … Read more

10 Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong About Vaping

Vaping tends to polarize opinion. As smoking became more and more vilified, the smoker went from Marlboro Man to social pariah… Where once you could happily puff away on a plane or train, even in a restaurant, today the majority of public spaces are militantly non-smoking. In most countries, you can’t even smoke in a … Read more

Conduction vs. Convection: What do they Mean for Vaping?

Vaporization is often praised due to how it releases the active ingredients of dry herbs/tobacco without some of the less desirable elements created through combustion. Commercial vaporizers have two methods of accomplishing this: conduction or convection. Most vaporizers utilize both to some degree, but each vaporizer has a primary method. Convection and conduction both involve a … Read more

7 Must Know Facts About Herb Grinders

Everyone who’s into dry herb vaping knows that a grinder is an essential part of their kit. With prices soaring up, it’s rare to see anyone not using a grinder to maximize the potential of their herbs. Grinders are made to be convenient so you can take it anywhere and use it wherever you want. … Read more

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The Best Vaporizer for Vaping Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is quickly gaining its popularity for medical and wellness use. In the US alone, medical marijuana has been legalized in many states while adult use is also allowed in some. Among many application methods, dry herb vaping is a very popular way of ingesting cannabis. Due to its simplicity, people choose to utilize dry … Read more

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#VAPINGSAVEDMYVOICE: Vaping On Throat Cancer

We’re not surprised if we hear things such as “smoking causes throat cancer”. However, we get queries from vapers whether vaping can be harmful and if it potentially can cause throat cancer. When making the preliminary shift from smoking to vaping, new vapers may undergo petty side effects as they become accustomed to vaping. This … Read more

Nokiva Portable Vaporizer User’s Review

The Nokiva Portable Vaporizer is a small pocket vape made by Airistech in Shenzhen, China. Atmos has white-labeled this device so you might have come across this exact same looking vaporizer branded by Atmos as Vicod. First Impression of the Nokiva Portable Vaporizer The first time I looked at the picture of this vaporizer on … Read more


Are Vaporizers Safe to Use?

We all know smoking cigarettes are bad for us. The fact that it’s the number one cause of preventable deaths shows just how bad. As a result of these facts, people have always tried to look for an alternative to smoking. One of these alternatives is called dry herb vaping. Dry Herb Vaporizing Carries Significantly … Read more

The Vaping Culture in Australia vs in the US – Are We Behind?

Dry herb vaping is slowly making its way into the worldwide market, including countries like the US and Australia. Although there are still many controversies surrounding dry herb vaporizers, its benefits cannot be denied. Various countries have their own vaping culture as people try to accept the use of dry herb vaporizers in public. Prima … Read more

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The Length of a Vaping Session with a Fully Charged Battery

Similar to most high-tech equipment today, portable dry herb vaporizers need batteries to function. The battery life of portable vaporizers depends on many factors. These factors include the type of battery (inbuilt or replaceable), its voltage and the technology or features that the vaporizer comes with. To choose the best dry herb vaporizer that suits … Read more

Does Airflow Matter? Vapes with the Best Airflow System

Dry herb vaping is safe, natural and a great new way to use various types of herbs. If you’re new to dry herb vaporizing, you would want to learn more about the basics. This includes the materials used, how it works and its components. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a good … Read more