vaping and dating

10 Rules for Vaping and Dating

We can see that vaping has been a prevalent issue in the previous decade. Many folks think it can alter how we feel about nicotine. The progression of romantic relationships may influence the usage of vaping products. Relationship Expert and Content Marketing Executive, Linda Bunnell has provided us with 10 Rules for dating a … Read more

myths about vaping while driving

The Dangers of Vaping While Driving

Vaping while driving is common. It can also be dangerous. Yes, vaping while driving can be deadly. Every year, thousands of people are killed through distracted driving – including driving while vaping. Vaping while driving seems innocent, but it can be hazardous. Keep reading to discover some of the dangers of vaping while driving. It’s … Read more

vaping and asthma

Vaping and Asthma, What Does The Research Say

Vaping has come a long way in recent years, growing from a simple niche into a gigantic global industry. It has completely changed the ways in which people think about smoking and cigarettes in general. Countless people around the world, many of them former smokers, have switched to vaping, and e-cigarettes have become hugely popular, … Read more

myths about vaping while driving

10 Unknown Myths About Vaping (DEBUNKED!)

An E-cigarette is a relatively new market entrant that has gained massive popularity amongst smokers who would like to quit smoking. Total retail sales in the US accounted for $3.8-billion in 2018. Similarly, the vaping wholesale US market is also flourishing at a noticeable rate. Similar to any other new product in a market, many … Read more

Vaping Accessories - PMTA and vaping

PMTA and Vaping in 2021: Everything You Need to Know as a Vapor

If you’ve been around the vaping community for a while, you must have heard about the impact PMTA had on the world of vaping in the last few years. In case you’re uncertain what exactly transpired, read on, find out what happened, and how its effects are still visible today. If you’re more interested in … Read more

vape on a first date

Should You Vape on a First Date?

It seems like the vaping community can’t agree on one important question: “Should you vape on a first date?”. Both sides have solid arguments so that this article will answer that question once and for all. Experts of this site advise not to hide your vaping hobby when creating a dating profile. But to go … Read more

Vape Mod- enjoying your vape

Things to Know About PMTA Deadline

The worldwide vaping market is said to develop to a value of over $29 billion by 2022. Similarly, as with any rewarding yet possibly risky market, there are a few FDA guidelines set up and good manufacturing practice (GMP) is essential to delivering quality items. Truth be told, in light of the thorough Premarket Tobacco … Read more

why do people vape?

Why Do People Vape?

In recent years vaping has overtaken smoking in terms of numbers. Why has this happened? There are several reasons. The first being that tobacco smoking is now banned in many countries across the world – including the USA – except in certain places. This came about once the dangers of smoking and its links to … Read more

Vape at Your Workplace

Quick Tips to Vape at Your Workplace

Vaping has been a fashionable trend over the years. Hobbyists and enthusiasts all over the world have been going crazy over the stylish vaporizers. Vaping is a cool activity; however, you have to make sure that you don’t break the rules, which may lead to a frown on people’s faces, especially when you are at … Read more

vaping water

Is Vaping Water Possible – or Even Alcohol?

Are you amongst the ones new in the world of vaping? For first-timers, it’s quite an exciting experience as you think about the cloud of vape, the excitement of trying something new and numerous vape flavors. Beginners find it quite intimidating, and they can hardly stay away from their newfound love for long. First-timers always … Read more

How Custom Vape Pen Skins Can Complement Your Wardrobe

How Custom Vape Pen Skins Can Complement Your Wardrobe

Your everyday accessories can elevate an outfit to perfection. From your wallet to your phone case, paying attention to the details is the key to cohesive fashion. People tend to notice when you’ve taken extra care to match little things. For example, wearing the same color socks and hat can be a great look that … Read more

Canadian Vape Statistics and Data

Canadian Vape Statistics and Data

Amidst the ongoing backlash against vaping, many anti-vaping lawmakers have enacted regulations and restrictions that often hurt legal adult vapers. Unfortunately, many of these regulations are enforced without an understanding of the full effect they may have on the ways in which adults vape. To help dispel any misinformation, 180 Smoke has created an insightful … Read more

facts about vaping experince

5 Tips for Improving Your Vaping Experience

If you are an avid vaper, you no doubt want to get the best clouds for your device. Though everybody’s mod is ultimately different, you can look into some of these tips to improve your vaping experience and have a more fulfilling session every time. Shake Your Juice Though this may seem like an obvious … Read more