What is the difference between vaping and e-cigarettes?

How Vape Pen Can Be A Better Choice Than Smoking Cigarettes

Vape culture is increasing day by day. More teenagers and adults are vaping today than ever. This is particularly because of the list of benefits a vape pen has over cigarettes. For many years, people who have a habit of smoking have struggled with the side effects of smoking, the most apparent being a smoker’s … Read more

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Are Vaporizers the Safest Way to Smoke Weed?

Contents Vaporizing Weed vs. Burning Weed Safe Weed Vaping: Handy Tips The Verdict You’ve chosen a vape for your daily life—you’re now thinking about vaporizing weed. This technique offers stronger effects, remains neat and discreet, and looks cooler. Is it also superior in terms of health? In short, yes. Vaping cannabis is safer than burning … Read more

Vaping Marijuana vs Smoking

Vaping vs Smoking a Joint – Which is More Potent?

There has been a huge increase in the number of people choosing cannabis vaporizers and pre-packaged cartridges in recent times, and sales from 2017 to 2018 jumped by a staggering 50%. However, the experience of cannabis vaping is entirely different from smoking a joint. For those who haven’t vaped before, this can put them off … Read more

Switching to Vaping

Four Steps to Successfully Switch from Smoking Cigarettes to Vaping

Congratulations on making the huge first step of deciding to give up smoking and switch to vaping instead. Vaping does not contain all the harmful toxins and carcinogens found in cigarettes, making it a much safer way to appease your nicotine cravings without the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other health problems. While … Read more

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Is Vaping Marijuana More Dangerous Than Smoking?

Over the last year, vaping has been the subject of a great deal of controversy, thanks in large part to a spate of illness and death attributed to the habit. Although the jury is still out whether vaping was directly related to these incidents. The simple fact that they made headlines has some people asking … Read more

Legal Age to Vape

Decoding Vaping Culture

Every day, it seems like more people jumping on board with vaping – and leaving cigarettes behind for good. But what is vaping? And what is the culture of vaping? If you’re confused or curious, don’t worry – we’re about to decode the basics of vapes and vaping culture just for you. The Device and … Read more

Vaping Marijuana vs Smoking

Vaping or Pre-Rolled Joints – The Ultimate Showdown

As the years go by and cannabis laws change, so do ways in which you can get the most of it. Cannabis enthusiasts now have more options than ever, but two of them are competing for the title of the most convenient and effective. A cannabis vape pen is powered via USB port, it’s smoke-free … Read more

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Is Vaping Weed Healthier Than Smoking It?

Nowadays, many people discover that cannabis can have a lot of health benefits. You should just use it in moderation and order products of the highest quality only, like those you can find in Inyo Las Vegas Dispensary. At the same time, many users are discovering that there are other ways to use marijuana than … Read more

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Why Vaping Has Become so Popular in Recent Years

Vaping has become incredibly popular over the last few years, seemingly coming out of nowhere to become a major part of life. While those on the outside may not understand it, vaping’s popularity is still on the rise. Below are a few reasons why vaping has become so popular. Anti-Smoking Campaigns One of the biggest … Read more

Vaping vs Smoking

3 Ways to Ease the Transition from Smoking to Vaping

For many smokers, vaping offers an escape from the clinging smell of smoke and an effective way to control nicotine consumption. Vaporizers can be a useful tool to achieve either objective, but many people still struggle to make a complete transition away from their familiar products. Breaking the psychological triggers and habits can take a … Read more

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5 Ways to Use Vaping to Reduce Stress

Stress is an integral part of life. Stress is not always bad, it is simply your body’s reaction to a challenge. It helps you to stay alert and to achieve your goals. Some stress is inevitable in our lives, however, the problem arises when you are overstressed and cannot manage it effectively. Our modern lifestyle … Read more

Vaping Marijuana vs Smoking

Why Vaping Marijuana Gets You Much Higher Than Smoking It

As an avid smoker, and cannabis entrepreneur I have been fascinated with the vaping phenomenon running through the industry at the moment. Heavenly Tours was set up by myself to give more smokers access to weed in Europe’s best cities which is why my interest in vaping rather than smoking has brought me to investigating … Read more