vaping and dating

10 Rules for Vaping and Dating

We can see that vaping has been a prevalent issue in the previous decade. Many folks think it can alter how we feel about nicotine. The progression of romantic relationships may influence the usage of vaping products. Relationship Expert and Content Marketing Executive, Linda Bunnell has provided us with 10 Rules for dating a … Read more

Does Vaping Affect Your Chance to Get a Date

Does Vaping Affect Your Chance to Get a Date?

Vaping is making everybody feel like the ’80s came back. Every room everywhere is full of smoke. But instead of smelly, toxic smoke that causes numerous diseases, vaping smoke smells good and doesn’t harm anybody. It’s allowed to vape almost everywhere. Most people who aren’t vaping don’t mind it. That doesn’t mean everybody likes vaping. … Read more

vape on a first date

Should You Vape on a First Date?

It seems like the vaping community can’t agree on one important question: “Should you vape on a first date?”. Both sides have solid arguments so that this article will answer that question once and for all. Experts of this site advise not to hide your vaping hobby when creating a dating profile. But to go … Read more