vaping tips for beginners

7 Useful Vaping Tips for Beginners

Smoking can be very dangerous for your health. Though we all know that smoking tobacco is dangerous, cannabis smoke can also contain carcinogens that can cause lung cancer. Therefore, a better way to get your nicotine fix or use cannabis is to vape. Vape pens or e-cigarettes use water vapor instead of smoke to get … Read more

Airistech Q-Tip - vape like a pro

These 10 Tips Will Help You To Vape Like A Pro

If you are trying to quit smoking, vaping is a much healthier option. Unlike cigarettes, there isn’t any tar in vape smoke. Even smoking weed can be bad for the lungs, though it isn’t as dangerous as tobacco, cannabis smoke can also contain certain carcinogens that are bad for the lungs. Therefore, whether it is … Read more

Vaping vs Smoking

3 Ways to Ease the Transition from Smoking to Vaping

For many smokers, vaping offers an escape from the clinging smell of smoke and an effective way to control nicotine consumption. Vaporizers can be a useful tool to achieve either objective, but many people still struggle to make a complete transition away from their familiar products. Breaking the psychological triggers and habits can take a … Read more

Vaping vs Smoking

Vaping vs Smoking: Which is Better

Although smoking has been around for centuries, vaping is a relatively new technology that is revolutionizing how people smoke. With the increasing popularity of vaping across the world, the biggest concern for most people out there is whether the vapers are better than conventional smoking. We can’t deny the fact that cigarettes are among the … Read more

10 Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong About Vaping

Vaping tends to polarize opinion. As smoking became more and more vilified, the smoker went from Marlboro Man to social pariah… Where once you could happily puff away on a plane or train, even in a restaurant, today the majority of public spaces are militantly non-smoking. In most countries, you can’t even smoke in a … Read more

The 5 Best Reasons for Smokers to Switch to Vaporizing

Vaporizing has been known to be a lot safer and a healthier alternative to smoking. Vaporizer devices have been hitting the mainstream for the past years and increasing number of users seem to love the health benefits it offers. Vaporizing involves heating of dry herbs and concentrates at lower temperatures without combustion. Given that no … Read more

What if Everyone Stopped Smoking and Started Vaping?

Smoking has impacted our world on many levels such as public health, our safety and intensifying poverty. So why won’t everyone just stop smoking already, right?

With so much damage, it has lead us to believe that the solution to many of the issue from individuals through to world issues is by simple ‘stop smoking’. It is of course easy for people to say who don’t smoke but there is an alternative to aid those who are quitting and it’s called vaping!

Now, that we have advancements like vaporizing and electronic cigarettes, what would our world look like without smoking?

Our goal at VapeFuse is to help 1 million people by 2018 to get rid of TAR from their lives by making the switch from smoking to vaporizing.

In this article we take a look at how smoking damages the world and how we can change it if everyone stopped smoking and started vaping instead. (And what a wonderful world it would be!)

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