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How To Use Nicotine-Free Vapes and Be Completely Satisfied

Many people can’t imagine vaping without nicotine. Like, one can’t exist without the other. The reason is not far-fetched. Initially, vaping was invented as an alternative to smoking. Almost all smokers know the health risks that come with smoking. Toxic substances that include tar and carcinogenic stuff are inhaled into the lungs with every puff … Read more

Legal Age to Vape

Decoding Vaping Culture

Every day, it seems like more people jumping on board with vaping – and leaving cigarettes behind for good. But what is vaping? And what is the culture of vaping? If you’re confused or curious, don’t worry – we’re about to decode the basics of vapes and vaping culture just for you. The Device and … Read more

The Z 510 Thread Oil Concealer Battery by Mig Vapor

Why Vaping Has Become so Popular in Recent Years

Vaping has become incredibly popular over the last few years, seemingly coming out of nowhere to become a major part of life. While those on the outside may not understand it, vaping’s popularity is still on the rise. Below are a few reasons why vaping has become so popular. Anti-Smoking Campaigns One of the biggest … Read more

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E-Cigarettes: What You Need to Know

Well, you might not need to know anything about E-Cigarettes if you are one of the lucky ones among the 86% of people who don’t smoke a regular cigarette or among 81.7% of people who don’t use E-cigarettes and/or some sort of tobacco product – according to a survey conducted by the CDC (Center for … Read more

Vaping vs Smoking

3 Ways to Ease the Transition from Smoking to Vaping

For many smokers, vaping offers an escape from the clinging smell of smoke and an effective way to control nicotine consumption. Vaporizers can be a useful tool to achieve either objective, but many people still struggle to make a complete transition away from their familiar products. Breaking the psychological triggers and habits can take a … Read more

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Stop Smoking with the Help of CBD

There is no doubt that addiction is a complex issue and every person affected is different. But one thing is clear: quitting smoking is not easy. Few people succeed without useful tips and tools. From nicotine patches and chewing gum to expensive seminars – those who want to quit smoking are spoilt for choice. However, … Read more

What Is Vaper's Tongue and How Can You Fix and Prevent It

What Is Vaper’s Tongue and How Can You Fix and Prevent It

There you are, enjoying your favorite e-juice, chucking thick, happy clouds, when BAM!⁠—all the flavor is gone from your life. You have Vaper’s Tongue, a little-understood malady that causes a loss of taste sensation. While it’s not life-threatening, it can certainly be life-altering if food and drink with friends is important to you. Understanding what … Read more

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8 Reasons E-Cigarettes Help More Smokers Quit than Gum and Patches

It’s easy to see the popularity of vapour in NZ as an alternative to smoking. Why are so many people turning to e-cigarettes, however? What about the more traditional tools designed to help people stop smoking – things like nicotine gum and patches? To explain the vaping phenomenon, here are eight reasons why e-cigarettes help … Read more

Vaping vs Smoking

Vaping vs Smoking: Which is Better

Although smoking has been around for centuries, vaping is a relatively new technology that is revolutionizing how people smoke. With the increasing popularity of vaping across the world, the biggest concern for most people out there is whether the vapers are better than conventional smoking. We can’t deny the fact that cigarettes are among the … Read more

DIY e-Juice

How to DIY e-Juice [VIDEO]

Hey VapeFusers, I recently taught you guys how to safely use liquid nicotine so that you can quit smoking and make your own DIY e-Juice. I had a couple of questions about how to do it so I decided to make a video tutorial so you can, once and for all, see how it’s done! … Read more

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Smoking in 2018 – Where Are We Now? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hey VapeFusers, Despite all the negative publicity an incredible amount of people continue to smoke. As outlined in this infographic from purplebox there are currently around 1 billion smokers around the world and this number continues to grow. Interestingly enough, 4 out 5 smokers live in low and middle-income countries.  The ill-effects of smoking have been well documented and it is shocking … Read more

11 Things You Need to Know About Vaporizing Tobacco

If you are interested in learning about vaporizing tobacco, you are in the right place. I will be talking about vaporizing tobacco leaves using a dry herb vaporizer as opposed to vaping e-liquids. #1. Can I Vaporize Tobacco Leaves? We get this question asked very frequently. The answer is yes, you can vaporize loose leaf … Read more