CloudV F17 vs Arizer ArGo

CloudV F17 vs Arizer ArGo: Which One’s for You?

Hey VapeFusers! Vaping technology has come so far in the past few years. In the past, you needed a device as large as the Arizer Extreme Q or even the Volcano Digit to generate some high-quality vapor. These days, the same technology is being utilized but in a far smaller package. Devices like the Storz … Read more

Crafty Portable Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel Crafty Portable Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

Hey VapeFusers! When looking at portable vapes there is none quite as celebrated as the Crafty portable vaporizer, a product of German manufacturer, Storz & Bickel. Now, S&B brought us the Volcano range of desktop vapes, which are arguably the most famous and regularly depicted vaporizers on the market. The same superior convection technology went … Read more

PUFFiT X Portable Vaporizer

PUFFiT X Forced Air Portable Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

Hey VapeFuse fam! I’m here to tell you that your prayers have been answered! For too long, vapers have had to tuck their portables into the bottom of backpacks, awkwardly stash them in a bulgy jeans pocket or just straight up leave them at home in fear of getting caught out. These days are now … Read more

Matt Holding his Wood CloudV Phantom Premium Portable Vape

CloudV Phantom Premium Portable Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

My name’s Matt and I’m the newest addition to the VapeFuse family. I’m from sunny Queensland and enjoy the beach, kicking back with mates and, of course, vaping herbs. Over a four-month period, I transitioned from a VapeFuse customer to a marketing analyst for the vape company, and this video breaks down in detail the … Read more

Ald Amaze Digital Display

Should You Burn Off Your New Vaporizer Before First Use?

When you get your first vaporizer, you want to make sure you are off to a great start with your brand new exciting gadget. One of the first things that many experienced vapers will tell you is to burn off your new vape before you use it. Others totally disagree and say that it is … Read more