iFocus Wax Pen

iFocus DabMini: The Most Functional Wax Pen on the Market

VapeFuse was lucky enough to recently receive a prototype wax pen from our friends over at iFocus, the makers of the FocusVape Pro. The iFocus DabMini is easily the most functional wax pen I’ve come across. In this post, I walk you through the many faces of the iFocus DabMini, two of which Scott and I missed … Read more

Square Dual Mode Digital Portable Vaporizer

Sneak Peek: Square Dual Mode Digital Portable Vaporizer

In this post, you’ll get a sneak peek of the new Square dual mode herbal vape, that could not have been more appropriately named. It is a 32mm x 32mm square shaped device that looks a little bit like a fat highlighter. Only 110 mm tall, so it looks like a very portable unit. It … Read more

FocusVape Pro and FocusVape Pro S

FocusVape Pro vs FocusVape Pro S – Which One Should You Get

FocusVape products have become very popular around the world and we have been using and testing them as they are coming out. We were very excited when the first analog dial FocusVape product was upgraded and the FocusVape Pro hit the market. The upgrades were nothing short of amazing, listing extras like a digital display, … Read more