HoneyStick Elf 510 Thread Oil Cartridge Vaporizer

HoneyStick Elf Auto Draw Ultracompact 510 Thread Oil Concealer

The HoneyStick Elf was one of the first completely buttonless 501 thread oil cartridge vaporizers to hit the market in early 2018. HoneyStick has quite a wide range of 510 thread vaporizers, however, most of them are designed with power and fire button. The Design of the HoneyStick Elf Oil Cartridge Vaporizer The Elf is … Read more

HoneyStick Bee Keeper 510 Thread Oil Cartridge Vaporzier

HoneyStick Bee Keeper 2.0 510 Thread Vaporizer

In this post, we are reviewing the latest updated version of the original HoneyStick Bee Keeper 510 thread concealer that has been hugely popular. This affordable and versatile vaporizer is even more powerful after the updates. Let’s have a look at what’s new, how it works and what you get in the box. The Design … Read more

HoneyStick AeroBee 510 thread Oil Cartridge Vaporzier

HoneyStick AeroBee 510 Thread Oil Cartridge Vaporizer Review

The HoneyStick AeroBee is one of the very few 510 Thread concealers that can provide full temperature control to the user. This can be extremely useful if you have a special type of oil that you’d like to vaporize at a specific temperature. It is also very handy to fine tune the vapor taste you … Read more