VapCap Review: Which DynaVap is For You?

The DynaVap line of torch-heated portable vapes are the best-bang-for-your-buck vaporizers you’ll ever be likely to come across. After months of research VapeFuse Australia finally copped the Californian-designed vaporizers about a month ago and we’ve been having a field day breaking them down for you guys.  One of the main reasons these devices are so … Read more

DynaVap NonaVong-S

DynaVap NonaVong-S Portable Vape: Sneak Peek

Hey VapeFusers DynaVap crash-landed into the VapeFuse Australia online store last week and we’ve been having a ball testing out the various models and looking at which ones to put in stock. My personal favourite¬†from the world-famous line of torch-heated portable vaporizers is most definitely the DynaVap¬†NonaVong-S, which comes in both light and dark wood … Read more