Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set for Dosing Capsules

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Take your vape game to the industrial level with this Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set for Dosing Capsules! Suitable for any dispensary, herb lounge, or high-level vapers! Dosing capsules are the perfect way to accurately dose your ground herb, and the Storz & Bickel range of dosing capsules are compatible with their entire range of devices. If you’ve got a Storz & Bickel Crafty, Mighty, or Volcano or Plenty with Filling Chamber Reducer you can take your vape game to the next level with the help of this Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set.
Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set box
The concept is a relatively simple one when it comes to filling. You simply crush up seven-grams (1/4 oz) of cannabis with the included herb grinder and use the tools to help back down your dosing capsules. If you’re familiar with a cone joint or even a hundred-joint filling machine that utilises a similar concept, you’ll quickly catch on as to how this Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set operates.
Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set
Included in the kit is everything that you could possibly need to get your dosing game on point including a filling plunger, 40 individual 2-part dosing capsules, and even some scales for weighing up your herb! As the cannabis market continues to grow, sets like these that are targeted at the retailer or coffeeshop owner are only going to continue to become more prevalent. Already in most Amsterdam coffeeshops you can find a Volcano Digit Desktop Vape sitting atop the various cafe tables, so it’s only a matter of time before we start to see Craftys and Mightys too!
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Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set filling
To get started with filling, you simply connect the bottom grey tray to the orange filling tray and place your capsules in each of the allotted holes. While the tray calls for 40 capsules at a time, you get away with filling as many as you want by placing a sheet of folded paper over the capsule-free holes so that herb isn’t falling through. As mentioned, the Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set requires a mere quarter ounce (7-grams) of herb to fill all of the capsules up, so if you are only looking to fill half that amount, adjust weight accordingly!
Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set xl grinder
Included in the Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set is an XL (extra large) Acrylic Herb Grinder! This grinder has the capacity to crush up to 1/8 of an ounce (3.5-grams) of flower at a time. Like the original Storz & Bickel Acrylic Grinder that comes included with all of their vapes, the XL Grinder features grip-grooves that allow you to crush your herbs with ease.
Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set grinding
If you’re using all of the dosing capsules, filling the capsules up is as simple as crushing two eighths in the XL Herb Grinder and emptying the ground herb onto the orange tray. You should be using a semi-fine grind for your dosing capsules, so if you are using herb that’s very dry you have to make sure that you’re not over-grinding.
Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set scaping
Once you’ve emptied all of the dried herbs onto your orange filling tray, use the included Storz & Bickel Spatula to scrape the contents evenly over the board.
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I found that by using an eighth at a time this process became a whole lot easier as I wasn’t spilling any excess herb over the sides of the filling tray.
Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set packing
The final step in the filling process is to press down on the ground herb with the remaining grey filling tray. This tray features indents that help to pack your dosing capsules tightly and ensure for thick streams of vapor throughout the session. On another note, if you are looking to get away with filling all of your dosing capsules, you can place the top board over the holes in the orange tray prior to filling and obscure the amount of holes you don’t wish to fill.
Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set plunger
Using the included Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsule Plunger to attach the pop-on lids is an absolute breeze and makes completing this process a simple task. You can easily bang out the 40 dosing capsules in under five minutes, a task which would take a whole lot longer without the inclusion of these innovative packing tools.
Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set full kit

Included in the Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set is the following:

  • Filling/Loading/Packing Tray (3-parts)
  • 40 x Individual Stainless Steel Dosing Capsules
  • Dosing Capsule Plunger
  • Filling Spatula
  • Digital Scales
  • 8-Piece Dosing Cart Magazine with 8 Additional Dosing Capsules
  • XL Herb Grinder

Scoop up your very own Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set from the herb vaping experts at and get your filling game on point today!

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