Sneak Peek: Vivant Alternate Portable Vaporizer

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Portable vaping technology continues to improve at an astonishing rate. Recently, devices like the Flowermate Swift Pro and X Vape FOG have paved the way for premium portables with a less than premium price tag.

This is common practice in most industries and isn’t exclusive to vaping, but it can be a problem when quality comes into question.

One device that manages to couple affordability with amazing vapor quality is the Vivant Alternate. This device is basically a replica of the Storz & Bickel Crafty with a few usability upgrades.

Vivant Alternate

The Alternate, pictured left, has a slightly narrower frame than the Crafty, as well as a top-bending cooling unit as opposed to the juice-box style mouthpiece the Crafty comes equipped with.

With the Alternate, you’re getting a more discreet vaping experience and a device that’ll slide directly into your pocket. One of the other big portability features is the removable battery.

As the battery is often the first thing to go when you buy a portable vape, it’s useful to invest in a device with replaceable batteries so that you can prolong the length of your vaporizer’s life.

Vivant Alternate

The removable 18650 Lithium-ion battery powers the heating unit inside the device as well as the external display.

It’s easy to miss as it’s located on the bottom of the vape, but the Vivant Alternate’s operating system is actually quite complex.

Vivant Alternate

With an aluminum heating element and embedded stainless steel chamber screen, the Vivant Alternate heats the herb to perfection without leaving a charred mess in your chamber.

It utilizes a method of pure convection vaping similar to that of the Crafty and is able to generate a vapor with amazing density and a fantastic flavor.

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Vivant Alternate

With the purchase of the optional 14mm/18mm water pipe adapter, you can enjoy your favorite blend through the comfort of your glass piece.

Consuming your vapor through a water pipe helps to cool it down and creates a more pleasant vaping experience. If you’re somebody that’s used to smoking your herbs, this can be an easier way to transition into vaping.

Vivant Alternate

Given that the Alternate retails under $200, you’re really getting your value for money with this vape. Whether you’re a beginner who’s looking for an awesome first portable or a vaping connoisseur looking for a new daily model, the Vivant Alternate is the device for you.

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