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Something big is coming…….

Our friends at Crave Vaporizers down in Melbourne recently sent us up a copy of their all-new portable device, the Crave Onix!

The second product drop this year, the Crave Onix is the older brother of one of my current favorites, the Crave Cloud.

The Cloud (which I’m hitting right this second) combines amazing vapor quality with a totally portable package and is an awesome little device for anyone that’s looking to make the switch to herb vaping.

Crave Onix box

You’ll love the slick packaging, sticking to the same grey-and-green color scheme as the Crave Cloud the box is something to marvel at!

The vaporizer itself is unlike any portable device you’ve likely come across. It’s kind of like a hybrid between a Vapir Prima and a FocusVape Adventurer, with all the bells and whistles to suit.

GrindeROO + Crave Onix

Featuring full-spectrum digital temperature control ranging from 149°C (300°F) – 224°C (435°F), the device appears to be super efficient in generating dense vapor.

While I’m yet to actually review the device, the Crave range of vaporizers has been constantly evolving to include some amazing product lines, and after their crazy success with the Crave Cloud, I can’t help but think the Aussie designers have cracked the code with this one.

Crave Onix features a bottom loading chamber

Like their previous two devices, the Crave Onix features a bottom loading chamber with super-decent airflow. Surprisingly enough the device doesn’t come equipped with a removable battery!

It is, however, a super weighty vaporizer so I’m guessing it has a powerful inbuilt battery like that of the Arizer Solo line of portables.

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Crave Onix - removable flavour chamber

In a similar style to the ultra-premium DaVinci IQ, the Crave Onix has been designed with the connoisseur vaper in mind and comes equipped with a removal flavor chamber.

This chamber helps to filter the vapor, catch any herb that comes through the filter, and overall enhance the vaping experience. If you’re a flavor fanatic, this is going to be the vape for you!

Crave Onix portable vape

The Crave Onix’s sturdy exterior is reminiscent of a space-aged weapon of some kind. It is a super cool device and is durable enough to bring along on any outdoor adventure.

Keep an eye out for the Onix in the VapeFuse store and check out our other articles in the Vaporizer Review section for more product sneak peeks!

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