Smoking in 2018 – Where Are We Now? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Smoking in 2018 – Where Are We Now? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Despite all the negative publicity an incredible amount of people continue to smoke.

As outlined in this infographic from purplebox there are currently around 1 billion smokers around the world and this number continues to grow.

Interestingly enough, 4 out 5 smokers live in low and middle-income countries. smoke

The ill-effects of smoking have been well documented and it is shocking that each and every smoker is inhaling the 4000+ chemicals in tobacco smoke on a daily basis.

Half of the people smoking today will die from illnesses related to their habit. 

Smoking in 2018 – Where Are We Now?

Second-hand smoke remains a major issue with many countries now having smoking bans to protect people from second-hand smoke.

There is no safe exposure level to tobacco smoke and it can even cause sudden death in infants.   Often people don’t have the help they need to kick the habit and counseling and medication gives people two times the chance of quitting smoking successfully.

Moreover, in low-income countries, these services are generally inefficient or unavailable. 

Increasing taxes does help people to smoke less but it doesn’t make a huge difference either.

High tobacco taxes are rarely implemented in low-income countries meaning they’re affordable for most people. 


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