Should You Vape on a First Date?

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Should You Vape on a First Date?

It seems like the vaping community can’t agree on one important question: “Should you vape on a first date?”. Both sides have solid arguments so that this article will answer that question once and for all.

Experts of this site advise not to hide your vaping hobby when creating a dating profile. But to go on a date, you first have to meet a like-minded person.

Where to Find a Like-Minded Vaping Person?

Meeting people with the same hobby as yours can be difficult, especially in small towns and rural areas. If you live in a town of 2000 people, you won’t have a big group of vapers, but you can still be a big vaping community.

Thematic forums are a great way to find yourself a spot among other vapers. Everybody who comes there is either a passionate vaper or on the way to becoming one. You can spend days and nights reading and writing about every aspect of vaping. That’s a great solution for vapers whose friends don’t share their passion.

The even better solution for vapers looking for relationships with someone who’ll respect their hobby is dating sites. If you mention vaping on your profile, other members will be able to see it.

That means you won’t receive messages from people who don’t like vaping. Being honest on your dating account can do wonders for you and your potential matches. It saves time and puts a strong foundation for your relationship.

Pros and Cons if You Take Your Mod on a First Date

Taking your favorite vaping mod on a first date can ruin your date or make it legendary. It all depends on your partner. If you’re going on a date with somebody you met on a vaping forum, they’ll expect you to have a mod with you. In that case, there are no cons.

What Recent Studies Are Uncovering About Vaping vs Smoking

It’s a bit different when you’re going on a first date with somebody you meet on a dating site. Even if you’ve mentioned vaping on your profile, don’t just take your mod out and start blowing smoke in your date’s face. Be polite; ask first.

People who meet on dating sites usually text for a while before meeting face-to-face. Use that texting to test what your potential date thinks about vaping. If they’re just ok with it, don’t vape like crazy on a first date. They might find it annoying.

If they want to learn more about it, go ahead. Speak about your hobby, but don’t turn into a Sheldon Cooper of vaping.

Some general pros and cons of taking your mod on a first date are:


  • your partner can read that a sign of disrespect for their health
  • your date can find it annoying to speak with you through clouds of smoke
  • you may end up talking about vaping more than you should and ruin your date


  • you’ll be more relaxed
  • you can show your true colors
  • if your partner has any interest in vaping, it can be a good conversation topic
  • your tricks might impress your date (just don’t be too geeky)

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Don’t Geek Out with Vaping Tricks & Terms

You noticed that we mentioned this a couple of times, but it’s so important that we’ll repeat it. Don’t smother your date with geeky things about vaping. That doesn’t have anything to do with vaping.

It goes for every hobby or even a job. Don’t think that a surgeon’s wife loves to listen about blood leaking, cuts, regulations, and stuff. That’s common to all people; we don’t like it when anybody is too pushy. There is a strong reason why we are highlighting that in this article.

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Vapers can get sucked in their world of vaping, so they don’t even notice that other people don’t care about their tricks or a new piece of equipment.

Still, you have to keep one important thing in your mind. Regular people don’t care about tricks, but if you go on a date with a fellow vaper – you can be yourself and talk about vaping for hours.

As you can see experts advise you to be honest while making an account on a dating site. By doing that, you’ll attract only people who like everything about yourself, and you’ll be free to vape on a first date.

Nexi Miller

Nexi Miller

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