Handy Safety Reminders When Buying Your First Vaping Set

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Handy Safety Reminders When Buying Your First Vaping Set

Searching through vape starter kits can undoubtedly be fun. However, don’t merely fall for crafty ads and big brands you see around.

Always prioritize safety factors to get the best tools for enjoyable vaping. Yes, safe vaping habits is important, but that’s only next to using a secure setup, to begin with.

So keep these tips in mind when buying your first vaping set or e-cig.

Avoid Plastic Tanks

There are many types of vaping mods today. But regardless of your personal preference, be sure to avoid one with a plastic tank.

These types of tanks are prone to damage, especially when vaping acidic e-juice. Go for one with metal, glass or Pyrex tanks instead.

Value ROHS Certification for Metal Parts

Metal is important to any vaping equipment. However, be sure to find one which has passed the Restriction of Hazardous Substances certification.

The ROHS standard makes sure that metallic products in the market don’t carry harmful elements such as lead.

This keeps you away from inhaling harmful substances through contaminated e-juice. It means you don’t have to worry about rusty metallic tools too.

Quality Power and Battery Setup

Begin by finding vaping mods with built-in batteries. This means you don’t need to scour through the market and find the right battery match for your mod. This alone reduces the risks of battery explosion and overheating.

Next, consider the power controls of the tool. It should have a convenient shutdown button that you can press in case of an emergency.

Other safety features such as short-circuit protection, overheating protection and reverse battery protection are also helpful.

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Carefully Choose E-Juices

Yes, you want an e-juice which flavour fits your taste. However, there are some safety reminders when choosing one as well.

Nicotine Content – Do not buy an e-juice which nicotine strength is too much for you. If you want little to no nicotine, for example, go for one with 6mg/ml of nicotine or less. People who want more nicotine go for 12mg/ml or higher.

Quality – Checking the quality of an e-juice is important but is quite tricky. You can begin by finding one that is approved by the FDA. Also, check the manufacturer, and be sure they have high rates of positive feedbacks. It’s best if you’d go for one that has a dedicated website, then see about their production line and sanitation compliance.

Clear Label – The most important info of an e-juice should be shown on its label. This includes FDA approval, list of ingredients, nicotine strength, and manufacturer details among others. Buying one with incomplete info on its label put you on great risks.

Child-Proofing Features – FDA mandates that all e-juices should have child-proofing caps on its containers. This keeps kids from accidentally opening and swallowing e-juice. Yes, you can place your e-juice away from kids, but it’s still best to be extra careful. On the other hand, if an e-juice doesn’t have such feature, it means they’re not complying with legal regulations.


Lastly, find a vaping set with a reasonable warranty deal. The longer, the better. Yes, this gives you good support in case you need repairs or replacement. But it also indicates that the manufacturer is confident with their quality product.

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Vaping should be an enjoyable experience, especially for beginners. So, when buying your first vaping set, choose from quality vape starter kits, consider your preferences and don’t set safety factors aside.

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