5 Products for Better Enjoying Your Vape

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Vaping is a way of life for many people, and there is a good reason for this. You can experience all sorts of delicious flavours, and you can do fun tricks with your mouth. What isn’t there to like?

Still, these are not the only two reasons that people really enjoy the fun and rewarding act of vaping. There is also the construction and hobbyist factor to consider. Many people consider vaping a secondary benefit to their hobby of swapping coils, installing bigger e-juice chambers and trying the hottest new product from their favourite manufacturer.

Therefore, with this wide variety of appeals for the new hip thing on the block, it stands to reason that everyone could benefit from a better experience.

How, though, you ask? Well, Foggy Gorilla Vape Shop will now provide you with the inside scoop on how to better enjoy this fun hobby. Hint: it’s delicious e-juice flavours from 12 Monkeys.

Circle of Life

Pre-pear yourself for a delicious and flavourful fruity explosion that can’t stop, won’t stop. With succulent pears barraging your senses at every turn, this e-juice flavour is the pear-fect pear-ing for a night on the town. But, it isn’t a one-trick pony by any means, as you will find yourself pulling from your vape at any chance you get.


There are many great things in this world. Oh, it seems there was a misprint. Indeed, Galago is one of the many GRAPE things that you can experience on Earth. Deep, rich grape flavour brings the fun and fruity purple colour to your mind and coats your senses with thoughts of wine, candy, vineyards and other fantastic flavours.

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This is one flavour that will certainly grape on your senses, but don’t let that be a grape-keeper to your senses. Put your curiosity in the grape today with one of 12 Monkeys grape-est concoctions.


How many types of apples do you think exist in the world? The answer is irrelevant as you will be whisked away to your own personal orchard with Hakuna vape juice.

Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Sweet n’ Juicy, Fuji; the entire spectrum of apples will vibrate and dance on your tongue, reminiscent of the juicy fruit we have all come to love.


A fallen comrade inspires the name of this fruit fusion, but his legacy shall not be forgotten. Dance lightly with the tangy citruses of lemon, lime, blood orange and guava as they spin and twirl you around the dancefloor of delight.

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Take a moment to remember the sombre origins of this fantastic flavour, one breath of air, and then dance into the night as a shining example of pride and dedication.

Jungle Secrets

Ssssssshhhhhh, a secret’s afoot. Stealthily and sneaking, this fruity fusion of mango and lychee creeps up on you, seducing your senses and sending you to sensual paradise. The ripest mangoes and the juiciest lychees make this product a must-try experience that will keep you coming back again, again and again.

What are your favorite products for better enjoying your vape? Let us know in the comments below!
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