Prima Portable Vaporizer Product Spotlight

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Prima Portable Vaporizer Product Spotlight

When choosing a portable vaporizer you sometimes have to choose between having a super compact size for discretion and ease of transporting it, or something with high-quality vapor which normally means it has to be a bigger device (if not a desktop!). We all want a vape the size of our palm with the power and vapor quality of the big boys, right?

Well, the great news is I have found it! With the Prima, the latest herbal portable vaporizer by Vapir, choosing between size vs. quality is not even a question you have to ask!

This neat little portable vape is pocket size, but a dynamic vapor producer. The vapor quality is excellent despite the compact design and we speak from experience. I was blown away by it and even compared it to the Crafty, which is one of my favourite portable devices.

Get to Know the Awesome Prima!

The Prima is part of the Vapir family and loaded with great features, accessories, and warranties. Like other members of the Vapir portable family, such as Vapir NO2 V2, and Vapir Oxigen Mini the Prima is built to the same trusted standards vapers have come to trust, and love.

The Prima is a dynamic device that delivers a fresh, clean and flavourful vapor. It is recommended to use this device with herbs or extracts only.

Prima Portable Vaporizer

Let’s take a look at this device’s incredible features in detail.

Prima in Detail

Temperature Settings

This small device is high tech and comes with 4 different heating levels. You can see which heat setting it is set at on the top of the device, which is indicated by the led lights.

The four temperatures allow you to choose which heat setting will best suit your herbs or materials to achieve that optimum vaping experience. All materials have an ideal temperature to vape at, so it’s best to find out what they are before vaping.

The Prima has the following 4 temperatures to choose from:

1st Level – 350ºF – 360ºF (176.67ºC – 182.22ºC)

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2nd Level – 365ºF – 375ºF (185ºC – 190.56ºC)

3rd Level – 380ºF- 390ºF (193.33ºC –  198.89ºC)

4th Level – 390ºF – 400ºF (198.89ºC – 204.44ºC)


Additional Perks

The Prima also features a removable lithium battery, with a separate 2-year warranty. This makes it a great vape for people on the go. You can add a second battery to your kit so you can have a spare at all times.  Perfect for moments where you are out somewhere with no power to charge up. With the spare battery, you can continue to vape for longer.

Prima Portable Vaporizer

I also love the removable stainless steel vapor channel, this makes cleaning and maintaining the device super efficient as well as providing a clean direct channel for the vapor.

Prima Portable Vaporizer

The built-in mouthpiece requires no stems/straws or adjusting at all. You can whip it out the pocket and use it as is- all in one. Very convenient and one less part to keep track of makes your life easier.

Prima Portable Vaporizer

If that’s not enough, you can get the Prima in 4 different colours to choose from so you can match it to your personal style!

Finally, and most importantly this portable vaporizer comes with a whopping 5-year warranty giving you major piece of mind. Clearly, the manufacturers are proud of their creation and happy to back their device with such certainty and awesome warranty.

Keeping it Clean

Being able to keep a vaporizer clean is important and particularly when it comes to a portable. I found the Prima to be extremely easy to keep clean. The plug brush is an excellent idea and very practical.

All you need to do is empty the chamber after every session (even while it is still hot if you can make sure not to burn yourself, otherwise wait until it cools down). Take the cup screen out and wipe it and then put it back in. Then put the plug brush into the mouthpiece and you’re done. Totally clean.

What is in The Box?

Now, when you do invest in the Prima you will get the following in the Kit:

  • Herb scoop
  • Plug brush
  • Cleaning tool
  • Lithium battery
  • Power supply
  • Battery charger
  • Features unique flute style mouthpiece
  • 2 x Mesh Screens
  • 2 x Cap Screens
  • 1 Charging Cord
  • 1 x Cap Sleeve

Using Your Prima Portable Vaporizer

This small portable device is best used with either dry herbs or extracts.

The 'Z' 510 Thread Oil Concealer Battery

Dry Herbs

Pull off the back cap to reveal heating chamber, using the provided herb scooper place your dry herbs inside the chamber and place cap back on.

Oil Extracts

Place a small amount of oil on a mesh screen, remove the cap to access the heating chamber; place coated mesh screen inside and place the cap back on.

Prima Portable Vaporizer

Setting Your Prima’s Temperature?

While your Prima is heating up the lights will blink orange and when it is ready to use the lights will turn solid green, consecutively.

My Prima’s Battery Life

The included battery is a 3200 mAH lithium-ion battery, that offers you 50 – 70 consecutive mins, or 10 sessions, for about 5 mins each session.

Keep in mind the included battery can be removed; you can insert a backup battery in the meantime.

Prima Portable Vaporizer

Prima Pros & Cons

Just like any other device on the market, there are pros and cons but normally based on personal opinion. Everyone hoas different styles or preferences when it comes to vaping, so below I have provided some indication of the Pros and Cons from our experience and others (There really is not many negative points about this device, honestly).

Discreet, looks like it could be a type of inhaler for asthma Some vapers found the device could become hot to handle when vaping on the highest setting for long periods
Extremely portable, fits easily in pockets Herb chamber may be a bit small to some who are used to using products like the Crafty or Mighty. (I had to admit I was surprised how much vapor the chamber produced though. It is a very effective device and even if initially you may think the chamber is smaller, you most likely won’t find this to be a problem)
Easy to use and super easy to clean due to the innovative stainless steel pipe. If you love a glass stem, then this device is not for you.
Fast heat-up time. The 5 minutes sessions are well timed.
True portable device with long battery life, discreet look, pocketable size and easily removable battery.
Durable seems to be rock solid. As you can see on the pictures, we have been carrying the Prima around a bit and it’s been knocked around a fair a bit. It seems rock solid.

Customer’s Corner

Prima Portable Vaporizer

Toronto Vaporizers rated the Prima a 9/10

Vape Guide rated the Prima a 9.5/10

Vaporizer Review gave the Prima a 9.2/10

VapeFuse Review we give it a 9.5/10

Since the Prima is still fairly new, customer reviews are limited. We are lucky to have had early access to the Prima and had a chance to test it excessively.

All the information shared here is based on our personal experience with the device.

If you have a Prima please feel free to leave a review in the comments below!

Prima vs. Other Portable Vaporizers

Okay, so to give you insight how this device compares to others, here at VapeFuse we compared the Prima to other trusted brands like Volcano and Arizer.

Storz & Bickel (Volcano)

Prima Portable Vaporizer & the Crafty by Storz and Bickel

We found the Prima when compared to  Storz&Bickel models, such as the Crafty, Prima was superior for mouthpiece inhalation. You don’t have to open the mouthpiece like you do on the Crafty.

The size is also a lot smaller and sleek in design, and although still high tech it is simpler to set up.

The Prima is inferior to the Crafty when it comes to chamber size if you are used to having a longer session without replacing your herbs, the Prima doesn’t quite provide the same convenience. You are required to replace your materials a bit sooner compared to the Crafty.

As for battery power, despite both having rechargeable batteries, you are looking for power superiority you can look towards the Mighty, however, this device is 3 times the size and not discrete as the Prima. Also, the Prima has a replaceable battery that you can swap around if you need to. The Crafty has to be about 20% charged to be able to use it while on the charger.

Dosing Capsules for Vaporizers - How Good are They?

The Mighty can be used on the charge even if the battery is totally flat. However, once again, it is fairer to compare the Prima to the Crafty, rather than the Mighty.


Prima Portable Vaporizer & The Arizer Air

One of the other devices we love here at VapeFuse is the Solo and Air by Arizer.

Both the Air and the Solo has extremely high vapor quality and they are super easy to use.

However, we found the Prima to again reign superior when it comes to the comparison of the Arizer models, such as Air or Solo, as both models require a stem to vape. So extra pieces and extra care needs to be taken.

For design, the Prima has a great pocket design as it is flat on either side instead of rounded which can provide more comfort in a pocket or bag. However, the Arizer Air has certainly on par when it comes to a compact design and quality vapor production.

Perfectly Prima

Between the Primas removable battery, internal mouthpiece and four temperature settings vaper’s are sure to be guaranteed a crisp, clear, cool, vapor every time.

Perfect for the busy professional, when it comes to the Prima’s design being both sleek and discreet, it is great for vaper’s who are constantly on the go.

Are You still not sure which vape to get? Check Out Our Vaping Guide and let us help you to find the right vape for your needs.

Here are some awesome snaps I took while traveling the states, testing out the product before we stock it. It really is awesome!

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Prima Portable Vaporizer

Samantha Eden

Samantha Eden

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