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Looking for a fresh new way to keep your aqua bubbler, water pipe, or dab rig clean? Piece Water is the all natural formula here to help you shy away from the arduous task of cleaning your piece!

If you’ve ever used an eRig like the CloudV ElectroMini or the Dr. Dabber Boost, you’ll be able to appreciate the sheer awesomeness of this product. No longer will flavor be affected by stanky¬†resin, Piece Water is here to help!

Piece Water

Developed and produced in the USA, the 12 FL OZ (355ml) bottle will fill a water pipe 6 times, with each tank lasting for an extended period. Some smokers say that even after forty hits flavor remains unaffected, so you can imagine what it’s like in a vape!

The secret solution is concocted from a bunch of all-natural vegetable, mineral and fruit extracts and is super efficient in keeping your glass piece squeaky clean.

Piece Water

I remember squeezing a lemon segment into my bong before ripping a couple hot ones back in the day to save cleaning the little bugger every couple of days. While the crude mix did help somewhat, it’s nothing compared to the preserving power of Piece Water.

The Piece Water solution is actually super cool to look at. Its level of viscosity is like a cross between water and glycerin, so a good shake creates a lava lamp-style effect.

Piece Water

To get cracking with your Piece Water, give it a good shake and pour slowly into your vaporizer or glass piece. You don’t require much of the solution, but make sure that there’s enough in there to splash around the walls a bit.

How Your Device's Vapor Path Affects Your Vaping Experience

Above I’m filling up my Hydrology9 Portable Vape, a device that can be a little bugger to clean without a bottle of Piece Water.

Piece Water

When inhaling, you can slightly taste the citrus blend present in the mix, but there is almost no residual flavor, especially if you’re using a water pipe with a large zong.

Aside from being good for your bong and vaporizer, this Piece Water is good for you! Yep, this product is also consumable! But the makers do deter you from drinking your Piece Water and recommend you grab a regular filtered water bottle instead!

Piece Water

Dirty vape glass keeping you up at night? Looking to keep your aqua-bubbler squeaky clean? I think we’ve got the product for you.

Pick up a bottle of Piece Water and try it out!

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