PCKT One Plus – 510 Thread Vaporizer Review

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The PCKT One Plus is the latest updated version of the popular PCKT One 510 thread cartridge vaporizer. The Pocket One device is a great vape and the One Plus takes 510 thread cartridge vaping to the next level.

In this post, we’ll go through the design, features, and operation of the One Plus. We have been testing the One Plus for a couple weeks now and excited to share with you our experience.

PCKT One Plus Box and Vaporizer

The Design of the PCKT One Plus 510 Thread Cartridge Vaporizer

The PCKT One Plus comes in 7 different colors with nice matt finishes. The one we have been testing is Charcoal, however, all colors are very nice, you should not have any issues finding one that you like.

The device is machined from a solid block of aluminum and feels very solid in the hand.

The aluminum body houses 2 built-in batteries on each side of the unit, adding up to 660 Mah battery power. This capacity provides exceptional power that lasts for days on end.

Comes with a fully charged battery, however, it is a good idea to put it on the charger before you use it for the first time.

The device comes with a micro USB cable and works via pass-through charging. You may never need the pass-through charging feature though as the PCKT One Plus battery’s charge seems to last for a really long time.

What’s in the Box?

PCKT One Plus 510 Thread cartridge vaporizer, what's in the box

The PCKT One Plus comes with a couple of magnetic 510 thread cartridge connectors, a micro USB charging cable, a SPRK patented magnetic cartridge and a user’s manual.

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The PCKT One Plus comes included with their refillable SPRK cartridge that you can refill a number of times, just like you would a CCell cartridge.

SPRK 510 Thread Cartridge for PCKT One Plus Vaporizer

The SPRK cartridges are well built and nicely designed. The rounded mouthpiece feels very good on the lips. The opening is a little bigger with the “O” shape round mouthpiece and a bit more susceptible to accumulate debris from your pocket or bag.

CCell and SPRK cartridge tops

The vapor quality with the 510 thread vaporizers depends largely on the cartridge and the SPRK has been producing exceptional quality vapor even after a few refills.

They also include 2 gold plated magnetic adapters that enable you to use CCell or any bottom or top airflow cartridges.

PCKT One Plus, SPRK and CCell cartridges with PCKT magnetic adapters

How to Use the PCKT One Plus 510 Thread Vaporizer

Using the PCKT One Plus is really simple and convenient.

Click the button 5 times in a sequence to turn the device on. The LED blinks 3 times to indicate that the device is on.

The PCKT One + has 3 power modes, that you can move between by pressing the button twice in a row.

The 3 temperature modes are:

  • Red – high = 5.1W
  • Yellow – medium = 4.3W
  • Blue – low = 3.7W

You can use the PCKT One + in ‘inhale mode’ and ‘button mode’.

Inhale mode:

To use the PCKT One + in inhale mode, you simply set your temperature as described above, inhale and the heater will auto-activate instantly as you start drawing.

The LED will light up to indicate that the heater is engaged and the device is doing the job.

Button mode:

To use the device in button mode means that the heater won’t engage when you draw, but you need to press the button.

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Press and hold the button and you’ll see the LED lighting up for a second or two before it starts flickering between colors. At this point, you are ready to draw and take your hit.

Overall the inhale mode is simpler to use, however, the button mode seems to eliminate the need for priming and tends to produce bigger clouds from the start.

A single press on the button will let you know how much power your battery has left.

A green LED light indicates 100% full battery, a yellow LED light flashing indicates about 50% charge in your battery and a red LED means that you are down to about 24% in charge and time to charge your battery.

While the device is on the charger, the red LED on the bottom indicates that the battery is charging and it turns green when it’s fully charged.

PCKT One PLus 510 Thread Vaporizer on the charger

The PCKT One Plus is a very well designed and made vaporizer and surely one of the best devices in the 510 Thread category.

The inhale mode enables anyone to get started instantly while the button mode is perfect for someone that is seeking a more personalized and more precise vaping experience. Overall, the One Plus delivers a great experience for the user regardless if you are a novice or a seasoned vaper.

It is a little bit bigger than many other devices in this space, however, it is surely a leader in its category.

The battery life is insanely good and the SPRK cartridge produces awesome tasting vapor.

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