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Vaping to Get Energized

Using a vaporizer is not only great to help you relax. When you are feeling a little low on energy, vaping can get you energized! And there are a few herbs that may help you get that lift and energy boost!
Cloud Terra Portable Vaporizer

On Spotlight: The CloudV Terra Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer

Introducing the CloudV TerraOne of the first members of the CloudV dry herb portable vaporizer family.

When we first got it in stock and opened it up, we joked about how much it resembles a highlighter… You can see it, right?

Cloud Terra Portable VaporizerCloud Terra Portable Vaporizer

The Terra has a pretty cool modern design despite its likeness to our favourite stationary. It is quite easy to hold with its ergonomic design and feels good in the palm with its matte finish. There are three (3) beautiful colours to choose from as well. As you can see in the pictures it is something you can easily take with you everywhere you go.


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