This New Way to Vape CBD and THC Will Amaze You

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As vaping swept the world over the past several years, nicotine smokers have put down their dirty analog cigarettes and embraced a cleaner way to take their nicotine. It’s time for cannabis users to do the same.

If you aren’t keen on lining up at your local dispensary to shell out hundreds of dollars for a steady supply of pre filled vape cartridges (we’ve seen our smoker friends doing this for years now!), we have a secret for you.

Vaporizing Cartrages
You can avoid all of the harmful byproducts of smoking cannabis, get your THC, CBD or both in a safe and efficient way, and save money at the same time.

It only takes a simple vape pen of any style (yes, even pod systems) and a mixing solution that costs next to nothing. Oh, and a little time… do you have five minutes to devote to saving hundreds of dollars? Yeah, we bet you do.

First, let’s look at why you may want to try using cannabis in a vape cartridge in the first place. It’s pretty simple.

Number one: vaping is the absolute most pure way to take cannabis. This goes for both medical marijuana patients vaping CBD and recreational cannabis users vaping THC.

Number two: forget bulky dab rigs and dangerous torches. Just use a safe, portable vape pen.

Number three: vaping is the fastest delivery method because cannabinoids enter the body faster via vaping than smoking, eating or even sublingual tinctures.

Number four: vaping cannabis delivers unparallelled discretion- you can do it almost anywhere.

If you are, for instance, a medical marijuana patient treating a serious condition like epilepsy with CBD, you want your medicine fast, discreetly, on the go, and for a great price. Recreational users deserve the same ease of use and affordability.

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Marketers already realized these needs and developed an option: pre-filled THC infused vape cartridges and CBD enriched ejuice. You can find these for a pretty penny in dispensaries anywhere cannabis is legal.

What if you’re on a budget, however, or don’t live near a cannabis shop?

You may think you’re left out of the vape cartridge revolution but we’re here to educate you about a product that is extremely affordable, easy to use and solves all of these problems.

It also gives you incredible control over your cartridge flavor and lets you choose the concentrate and vape pen of your choice.

In fact, this cannabis life hack is all about choices. It’s also all about savings. Before we dive into the incredible price breakdown, let’s quickly review how easy it is to make your own cannabis vape cartridges at home in minutes.

You’ll need:

● Wax Liquidizer;
● Your favorite wax, shatter, oil or budder;
● A heat safe container to mix in;
● A way to heat up your mix;
● Any style of vape pen including pods and RDAs.

Just watch this video to see how simple it is to make your own CBD infused ejuice or THC vape juice.

Now let’s talk about savings because this is the exciting part.

Let’s say you pay $35 at your nearest dispensary for prefilled vape carts. You don’t really know what’s in them and you have to take whatever flavors you get (even if they’re full of potentially dangerous added terps), but that’s about what they cost you. Well, near us, a whole gram of wax costs about the same; $35.

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With just 2ml of Wax Liquidizer, we can use that gram of wax to make six cartridges. If you bought them prefilled, that would cost you an incredible $210.

And remember, the control Wax Liquidizer gives you is simply second to none in the vape game. You pick the vape style, you pick the potency level (dial up or down to suit your tastes), and you pick the concentrate of your choice. This is especially incredible for anyone who makes their own rosin. Imagine what you’ll save.

Believe it or not, this isn’t even a secret. Some of your friends may already use Wax Liquidizer. In fact, 420 Pony voted it their 2016 Product of the Year they loved it so much. And believe us, they puff tough.

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