Moon Rock Weed: What Are They and How to Smoke Them?

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Moon Rock Weed: What Are They and How to Smoke Them?

Moon Rock Weed is rapidly growing in popularity. Everyone is trying to get access to it because it is trendy. You can effortlessly find moonrock weed for sale online.

If you do not already know, it is, in essence, the highest grade of weed you can purchase. In some circles, moon rock weed is popular as cannabis caviar. It is prevalent because of its high potency and ability to deliver the desired effects. If you are relatively newer to the cannabis world, you might be curious to learn more about it.

Let us look at what moon rock weed is and how you can smoke it.

What is Moon Rock Weed, and How is It Made?

Moonrock weed unsurprisingly looks like mini moon-shaped rocks. It gained popularity recently, so not that many people know what it is. According to users, even veteran users get taken aback when they try moonrock weed for the first time. Cannabis users can elevate their experience by making the shift to moon rock weed for a heightened experience.

The process of making it is straightforward. Manufacturers take a nugget of cannabis and dip it in hash oil. Most moonrock weeds have Girl Scout cookies as their base. Manufacturers then roll the hash oil-coated nugget in kief. The sticky crystal pollens that cover the cannabis flower are the kief. These crystals contain cannabinoids and terpenes that further add to the experience.

Moonrock cannabis is generally of high potency due to the process through which companies manufacture it. Although, the strength of it differs from one batch to the other. The intensity of moonrock marijuana depends heavily on the ingredients, the process, and the manufacturer who makes it.

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There is no universal formula for the potency of it however,  typically, there is 50% THC content in it. This concentration of THC in moon rock weed is in stark contrast to the regular 17% to 28% THC present in common strains of weed in the market.


How Can You Smoke Moonrock Marijuana?

Taking moonrock is not too dissimilar to any other cannabis substance. You can easily take the product by breaking it into a bowl, vape, pipe, or joint. Although the process is similar, it requires significantly more effort. Moon rocks are greasy and superdense. Due to the texture of moon rocks, it is not easy to keep them lit.

As previously mentioned, moon rocks contain around 50% THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main culprit behind the sensation of feeling high after consuming cannabis. As you can imagine, moonrocks are highly potent due to the high concentration of THC in them. Let us look at the effects that it can have on users.

What are the Effects of Smoking Moonrock Weed?

Due to the high potency of moon rocks, the effects are invariably going to be intense. They are rich in flavor, and they are severe. The higher that you receive from consuming moon rocks is unlike anything else before. The effect of the THC that you get will be significantly more pronounced than regular weed.

The intensity of your experience will depend on a few factors, such as the strain of moon rocks you consume, the quality of the product, and the dosage you take. Your experience will also depend on your tolerance towards THC. Naturally, the higher dosage you take, the more the intensity of the high.

Why You Need a Desktop Vaporizer

The intended benefits of moonrock weed do come with a few potential side effects. You may feel dizzy, anxious, paranoid, extremely hungry, and you may have respiratory issues after taking it. These effects are somewhat common, so you need to be prepared in advance.

You may also experience mild headaches after consumption. Moonrocks take around 30 minutes to kick in. The highs that you get from it last longer than regular cannabis. Your body requires additional time to process the THC content that is present in moonrocks.

The effects of consuming it can linger for hours, and in some cases, even for a day. Therefore, you mustn’t take too much. You should wait and observe for at least two hours after taking your first dose to take more if you do not feel any effects. The last thing you unexpectedly want to do is consume more than you can handle.

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Is Moonrock Weed Safe to Consume?

Moonrock weed is generally safe to consume. However, there are some physical and mental risks that you should know. Taking a high dose of THC in a single sitting may lead to an adverse reaction. This reaction could be severe for newer users of marijuana. Therefore, if you do not have a high tolerance for THC, it would not be ideal for you to consume moon rocks or ensure you take additional precautions before trying it.

There are also some general risks that you may face because of consuming cannabis. You can do research online to understand the full implications of it.

Can You Vape Kief?

If you have a medical history and know that you are vulnerable to specific issues, it would be ideal to consult your doctor. If you consult your doctor before taking moon rocks, you will better understand how your body will react to consuming them. A doctor may also be able to guide you regarding your dosage. If any risks potentially lead to a severe medical condition, it would be ideal not to take moonrock weed.

You can take a few precautions, such as keeping yourself hydrated and well-fed before ingesting it. Taking moonrock weed on an empty stomach may be highly detrimental. It is advisable to use it in a safe environment where you can reach out for assistance if you need to. You should also ensure that you follow these precautions at all times to maximize your benefits and minimize your risks.


The moonrock weed experience is more intense than regular weed. Users who want to elevate their cannabis experience can opt for moon rocks. It may not be ideal for newbies though because they are highly potent.

It would help if you made an informed decision about consuming moonrocks based on your circumstances. Always remember that the most critical aspect that you need to consider is your safety.

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