Effective Hacks You Can Use to Open a Jammed Vape Tank

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Sometimes a vape tank can get stuck and opening it becomes a challenge. The reason why it gets stuck can be because of over-tightening, the inability to get a better grip on the tank, or a threading issue.

There are hacks that can help, especially if the tank is not stuck in the mod. The moment you successfully detach it from the mod, then you can use any method to open the tank.

Vape Mod
It is important to approach a tank stuck in the mod with the utmost precaution. If the vaping device has removable batteries, then remove them, and if not, then turn it off.

You can try a hammer, a drill, or even throwing the tank on a hard surface, but you will not obtain the results you need. The only thing you will end up with is broken tank pieces.

If you are having trouble opening the vape tank, then you are in the right place. Here, we provide you with effective solutions to your problem.

Opening a stuck vape tank

If you have a strong pair of arms and can manage to get a firm grip on the tank, then you have a solution.

Remember, the tank is made up of numerous moving parts, so you should know where to hold it to avoid damaging it. You should apply pressure to the correct part of the tank, bearing in mind that there are various tank designs as well as different types of vaping devices, as you can find on the ePuffer website.

Do so carefully to avoid cracking the glass. Similarly, we have several tools on the market that can help you open a stuck vape tank.

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However, you may not need these items, as the following tools can come in handy.

  1. Mouse pad
    While it may seem crazy, a mouse pad can actually be of great help when it comes to opening a stuck vape tank. The pad has a sticky bottom, which can help you hold the tank with a firm grip. The mouse pad can also help protect your hands from any kind of pinching or friction while opening the tank. A mouse pad comes in handy, especially if you spend much of your day on a computer.

    mouse pad

  2. Cleaning gloves
    Just like the mouse pad, cleaning gloves are quite effective for opening a vape tank. You might have thought cleaning gloves are just for protecting your hands when cleaning. However, they can also allow you to have a firm grip on the vape tank when opening it. Actually, cleaning gloves can help you open the tank very quickly. They provide you with a great range of motion, as they are designed with manual dexterity.

    cleaning gloves

  3. Rubber band
    A rubber band or vape band is one of the best options because it is portable. Just like the mouse pad and the gloves, the rubber band also prevents you from exerting unnecessary friction to your hands. You can also use rubberized jar openers, but always remember to wipe the e-liquids off the tank before trying to open it, as it can be very slippery when not wiped.

Hopefully one of the above hacks will work for you to successfully undo your jammed vape tank. If you have any other tips to add to the list or any questions to ask, please let us know in the comments sections below.

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