How to Vape Cannabis Flower

Vaporizing occurs when dried cannabis is heated slightly below the combustion point, which lets the desirable cannabinoids turn into vapor. It is believed to be less harmful than smoking weed traditionally, as the user inhales more cannabinoids and less tar and carcinogens.

There are numerous ways in which people vape cannabis flower. The most common option is using vaporizers, which vary in size, heating sources, delivery systems, and functions. While some of them are stationary, others are portable. You can also find pocket-size ones and those looking like a piece of house decoration.

If you want to start vaping, there is no better way than to go to a local dispensary and ask about the available products and methods of vaping. If you are too busy to show up in person, most dispensaries offer online shops where you can order the desired vapes.

It is always best to have at least a slight understanding of the subject before making a purchase. So, here is everything you need to know about vaping cannabis flower.

Vaping & Smoking Cannabis

You might be wondering what is safer – vaping or smoking cannabis? The short answer is vaping. While smoking includes inhaling the burnt plant matter, vaping is about inhaling the steam from a heated plant.

As the temperatures offered by most vaporizers are lower than the combustion point, no carcinogenic chemicals are released during the process. That means vaping is much safer for your lungs than smoking.

It also reduces the risk of developing common smoking-related diseases, such as lung cancer or emphysema.

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Moreover, people who choose vaping weed over smoking it, claim to feel a better high, with the desired effects lasting longer. Undoubtedly, vaping is worth a try.

Don’t get discouraged if you have occasional drug testing in the workplace coming soon. Consider buying synthetic urine online to enjoy vaping without worrying unnecessarily about the test. Also, there are a lot of natural ways to detox from marijuana in a short time.

Pen Vaporizers

Pen vapes look a lot like a regular pen or an e-cigarette. They are the most chick, classy, and elegant vaporizers out there. Moreover, they are the cheapest among all vaping products.

Pen vaporizers almost always use conduction heating as opposed to the convection heating method. There are two most common types of pen vapes most dispensaries offer.

The first ones are vape pens with rechargeable batteries. They pair with cannabis-oil-filled cartridges.

The second ones are disposable vapes, with an all-in-one battery. The pen is meant to be thrown away once the oil is depleted.

Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are medium-size vaping equipment. They are perfect for people traveling a lot, who want to vape in different locations, as most of them are rechargeable.

Some of the portable vapes work only for flower vaping. Others will allow you to vape concentrates, or cannabis oils.


Almost all flower-based portable vaporizers include a variable temperature control device, which can be changed by a button or a small dial.

If you are new to vaping, here is how you should vape cannabis flower:

  • Make sure the device is charged and turned on.
  • Grind the cannabis flower and pack it into the heating chamber. Don’t pack it to the top; give some space for the proper airflow.
  • Set the right temperature.
  • Inhale by taking long and deep breaths, and enjoy the vaping.
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Over time, it is best to check whether the cannabis flowers turn from green to brown, to make sure that the device works properly. Once you’re done vaping, remember to always clean the equipment before another session.

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If you are not a fan of grinding the flower, you can always go for cannabis concentrates and oils. Here is what you have to do to enjoy the concentrate-based weed vaporizer:

  • Read the device’s manual carefully.
  • Charge and turn on the vaping equipment.
  • Pour a small amount of cannabis concentrate or oil into the chamber. Remember always to use a dab tool or dabber. Do not do it with your hands, unless you want to degrade the cannabis.
  • Set the right temperature – the ideal temperature for concentrate-based weed vaporizers estimates between 350 and 450°F.
  • Check if the device is working by inhaling deeply. If everything is right, you should see and taste the cannabis vapor on each exhale.
  • After every 15 uses, clean the vaporizer thoroughly to prolong its usability and well-functioning.

Stationary Vaporizers

Stationary vaporizers, also known as the desktop vaporizers, are the big-size devices meant to be placed somewhere at home. They usually need to be put on a flat surface such as a table and may require plugging.

Most of them are designed similarly to portables and include a heating chamber, a heating element, a mouthpiece, and temperature control.

The desktop vaporizers most often deliver vapor of much better quality, enhancing the high and overall vaping experience.

Moreover, they are an excellent solution for group vaping sessions, as they come with bigger bowls and more efficient heating systems than the pens or portable vaporizers.

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You can also get the balloon or bags for these kinds of vaporizers to make the vaping even more fun.

arizer extreme q Volcano digit


Although vaporizers have been around for some time now, it is only in the last couple of years that they have become so widely known and used. One of the common reasons for that is the health benefits of vaporizing cannabis compared to smoking weed.

There are various and numerous ways of vaporizing marijuana. Even the pickiest person should be satisfied with the devices the vaping market offers nowadays. From small and elegant pen vapes, through portable medium-sized vaporizers, to the robust stationary ones – users can find it all.

Think of the situations you are most likely to vape weed. If you want to do it on the trips solely, choose a portable device. If you feel like vaping at home is a perfect pastime, go for the stationary vaporizer. Do it right and enjoy!

How do you vape cannabis flower? Share your thought with our community in the comments below!
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