How to Identify High-Quality CBD Vape Oil

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How to Identify High-Quality CBD Vape Oil

CBD has several benefits that you can take advantage of. It has been linked to improvements in easing anxiety, pain, and much more. CBD is also available in various forms of consumption today.

While many still opt for traditional CBD oil, many are moving toward alternative forms of administration. This includes the use of CBD vape oil.

There are many companies on the market that sell CBD vape oil, and the quality of these products are certainly not equal.

In this short article, we will help you learn how you can differentiate between high-quality CBD vape products and items that will not offer you the benefits you expect.

What to Look at When Buying CBD Vape Oil

When buying a CBD vape oil, there are a few things you should know beforehand. By understanding what factors you should look at, the process of ensuring you buy a high-quality vaping product becomes easier.

You can ensure you do not end up buying a CBD vaping product that will not yield any benefits or expose your lungs and body to potentially harmful toxic chemicals.

Below is a list of the most important things to consider when buying a CBD vape oil that contains cannabidiol (CBD).

Extraction Method

Even when you buy a vaping product, you should still look at the extraction method, just like you do when you decide to buy a regular bottle of CBD oil. The extraction method is able to tell you a lot about the product.

A major issue today is the fact that there aren’t many regulations to ensure the appropriate manufacturing of CBD products. Let’s go over the top methods used.

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When looking at extraction methods, consider opting for a pharmaceutical-grade supercritical CO2 extraction process. Supercritical CO2 extraction is often used by some of the higher quality CBD product manufacturers. This process produces a purer cannabinoid-rich and terpene-rich CBD end-product.

The pharmaceutical-grade CO2 extraction also yields a higher concentration of cannabidiol content.

Ethanol extraction is another method used by CBD manufacturers. This grain alcohol is able to remove any residues and toxins that may be found in the hemp plant.

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It produces a purer CBD extraction in the end. Pharmaceutical-grade ethanol extraction methods also yield a higher concentration of the cannabidiol content in the oil.

Ethanol extraction is a good option that you may want to consider. These products do tend to have trace amounts of residual solvents, but the method yields a quality product too.

CBD Source

You should also check the label of your favorite brand to see if they list the source from which they obtained the hemp used in the processing.

Some companies import hemp, isolate, and CBD oil from overseas to manufacture your products. The top companies in the USA use only 2018 farm-bill compliant farms.

It is generally a good idea to opt for a company that uses a local farm. If you are from the US, look for a company that uses US-grown hemp. You can also look at other things, such as hemp being sourced from a certified organic location.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Companies that produce quality CBD vape oils will ensure their products go through third-party lab testing before it is released to the market. This type of testing process grants the company a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

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If you find a CBD vape oil you are interested in, ask the customer support center for a copy of this certificate if it’s not already listed on their site or product’s detail page.

The Certificate of Analysis will show you details about the compounds that were detected in the oil. This includes the concentration of both THC and CBD.

Make sure the CBD is at a high level and matches the label amount. The THC, on the other hand, should be present in a low concentration or none at all if it’s a CBD isolate product.

Also, look for signs of other compounds. You do not want to buy a vape oil that consists of toxic chemicals, as this may be harmful to your health. All these chemicals should be listed on the COA (Certificate of Analysis).

CBD vape


One of the first things you want to note is that a cheap CBD vape oil generally means a weaker quality product.

If you are looking for a good vaping oil that contains CBD, be prepared to make an investment in the product. Looking for the cheapest option on the market is definitely not a good idea.

At the same time, there is no need to overspend on the product. Look for a brand that can offer you a product produced through a pharmaceutical-grade CO2 extraction or an ethanol processor extraction method.

Brand Transparency

Another factor to look at is the transparency of the brand. You want to trust a brand that does not have anything to hide. Do not be afraid to ask the customer support center questions – and make sure the staff is able to provide you with answers to the questions that you do have.

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Ask questions about the extraction method used to get CBD from the hemp plants. Ask where the company gets its hemp from. Also, ask about third-party lab testing. The company should be happy to answer all of these questions.


The CBD industry might still be considered young, but companies are looking for new ways to offer clients access to these products.

CBD vape oil has become quite popular. This allows you to use the oil in a vape and enjoy the benefits linked to CBD. The problem is, there are many fake brands out there. We looked at how you can identify the best CBD vape oil product for you, including the specific factors you need to look at.

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