Haze Square Vape Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

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Haze Square Vape Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

Check out our comprehensive Haze Square Vape Cleaning & Maintenance Guide and keep your vape in ship-shape condition!

One of the hottest portable vape drops of 2017 was without a doubt the ultra-premium quad chamber Haze Square Portable Vape.

While the Haze is an amazing vape, it requires a little more attention than some other portable vapes, so you have to ensure that you’re cleaning it accordingly.

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Haze Tech revolutionized the portable market with their unique dual-chamber vape the ‘Haze’ a couple of years ago, and now they are back at it again with an additional two chambers in the mix!

The chamber of your vape is generally what requires the most attention during the cleaning process, and with the Haze Square, your cleaning requirements grow by 400%.

Haze Square Vape all parts

That being said, this vape is super easy to clean compared to some other devices as it comes apart into a whopping 19 different pieces!

Comprised of two aluminum shell casings, a battery and heating element casing, the silicon filter housing, eight stainless steel chamber screens, four herb baskets, a mouthpiece, and two liquid pads, the Haze Square is a puzzle in itself.

This does simplify things though, as a detailed clean can be as simple as popping all of the individual metal components into a glass of isopropyl alcohol.

Haze Square Vape filter screens

Included in the Haze Square Pro’s filter system are eight individual stainless steel filter screens in two different styles.

These teardrop screens slot on top of one another and directly into the space between the vapor path and your herb basket.

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The first screen features a number of tiny holes and is used to keep tiny herb particles out of your air path, while the second screen has a number of indents that allow the vapor to pass through to the cooling unit.

Haze Square Vape

If you go ahead and pick up this Haze Square Vape filling and cleaning tool from Haze Tech you’re going to have a way easier time of replacing your screens.

This tiny board has divots to lock your silicon filter system in place while you slowly replace the individual filter screens, which is certainly no easy feat in itself.

Haze Square Vape clean

To replace the filter screens after they’ve been wiped or soaked and subsequently washed with clean water, simply press the fine-dotted screen down narrow-end first.

After replacing the fine-dotted screen, place the indented screen bumpy side down over the filter screen and ensure that both are pressed snugly into the silicon housing.

While this can be tricky without the filling tray as the screens are prone to slipping out of the silicon mold, the tray just makes this process so much simpler.

Haze Square Vape screens

Once you have replaced all of the eight filter screens and have made sure that all of the narrow ends of the tear drop screens are safely secured in the silicon housing you can go ahead and press it back into the metal base.

This is relatively easy both with and without the loading tray, just ensure that you press firmly so the screens don’t slip out of place.

After replacing the silicon filter housing you can go ahead and get your vape on again and your Haze Square will be blowing those terpy clouds as good as new!

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Haze Square Vape battery

Now, if you can develop a consistent cleaning routine with your Haze Square Vape the device will likely last you ten to fifteen years, easy!

The only thing that may need replacing along the way is the battery. While this battery isn’t ‘removable’ in the general sense, with an Allen Key you can remove two tiny screws from around the heating element and replace it.

This is relatively common among portable vaporizers, with both the Arizer Solo and Solo II having a similar type of battery.

Haze Square Vape full kit

If you keep your Haze Square Vape clean and free of resin and herb particles you are looking at a friend for life.

Scoop up your own Haze Square or Haze Square Pro from the VapeFuse Store and get your portable vape game on point today!



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  1. Hello Matt
    Thanks for info and guidance. I have Haze square Pro whose element does not function (get warm/hot). I opened the top and element looks OK. I cant detect a 12V on the terminals where the ceramic coil would make contact but the system lights work up and unit haptically responds. You mention a (reset) button inside this top compartment where the element is, but I dot see it anywhere? Please can you clarify.

    • Hello William,
      Thank you for your comment. I think Matt was referring to this button-looking thing: Haze Squre button inside although I am not sure if it actually a button or not. Sorry I could not be of more help. Best of luck with it all.


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