Flower Vape Devices (Dry Herb Vapes)

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Flower Vape Devices (Dry Herb Vapes)

Vaping flower is a great alternative to smoking. If you want to experience the effects of your favorite herbs but don’t want the stinky smell and the burning sensation on your throat that comes with smoking, then you should try dry herb vaping. The vaping technology produces vapor by using a special heating system that allows you to enjoy and get the most of your cannabis flowers.

What Is A Flower Vape?

Also known as dry herb vaporizers or dry herb vape pens, these dry herb vaporizers use a special heating treatment to vaporize cannabinoids and terpenes without combusting. Dry herb vaporizers are specially used for dry herbs only unlike the regular vaporizers that you can use for wax, concentrates, shatter, crumble, etc.

How Do Flower Vapes/ Dry Herb Vapes Work?

Dry herb vaporizes use 3 types of heating methods to vaporize cannabis and terpenes: convection and conduction heating.

Conduction heating- Conduction heating vaporizers transfer the heat to your dry herb by direct contact with an element.

Convection heating- Convection heating vaporizers, on the other hand, work like convection ovens. The hot air circulating in the oven distributes the heat evenly and rapidly to cook the food. They circulate hot air around your dry herb to heat your cannabis and allow the compounds to evaporate for convection vapes.

Hybrid Heating- This heating process is the combination of convection and conduction heating methods. The combination of these two methods gives the vapor a better taste.

Major Parts of a Flower Vape

Battery- The source of the power of your vape.

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Chamber- The chamber is where you pack your favorite weed or CBD flowers in your dry herb vaporizer. If you are looking for a high-quality hemp flower for your vape, GETHempd would be our recommendation.

Heating Element- Also called the atomizer, it converts the battery’s power to heat and vaporize the dry herb.

Mouthpiece- The part of the flower vape where you inhale the vapor.

Different Kinds of Flower Vapes or Dry Herb Vapes

1. Pen Dry Herb Vaporizer

The pen vaporizer is a tiny, compact, portable weed vaporizer that is extremely popular among vape users. You can easily put it in your pocket or purse and take it with you everywhere. Pen vapes are often viewed as a better alternative to smoking because it doesn’t need combustion, it is healthier and discreet.

Battery- This dry herb vaporizer has a shorter device and battery life compared to desktop vaporizers. However, as portable technology improves, modern vape units are starting to have better battery life features.

Vapor Quality- The vapor quality of vape pens can be slightly basic. Due to its smaller heating chamber, it doesn’t have the ability to produce the same high-quality vapor a desktop dry herb vaporizer can produce.

Temperature control-  temperature control of flower vape pens is less effective too.

Discretion- since vape pens are light-weight, it is the best choice for vapers who don’t want something that stands out.

2. Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Portable dry herb vaporizers are just like vape pens. It is also very discreet, lightweight, pocket-sized and as the name suggests, portable.

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Portable dry herb vaporizers are best for the use of one or two people only since they can only contain a small amount of dry herb. Portable dry herb vaporizers characteristics are similar to vape pens.

Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Flower Vape

Battery- just like vape pens, portable devices have not much to offer when it comes to battery life.

Vapor Quality- due to their small heating chambers, the portable dry herb vaporizer can’t produce high-quality vapor.

Temperature Control- portable dry herb vaporizer is less effective than desktop when it comes to temperature control but this doesn’t necessarily mean that portables can’t give you a great experience. Good quality portable can also provide good vapor.

Discretion- similar to vape pens, these dry herb vaporizers are best for discreet use due to size and portability.

3. Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizer

Desktop dry herb vaporizers are a lot larger in size compared to pen and portable dry herb vaporizers. It is often used at home because of its bulky size. It can hold a lot more ground dry herb than portable and pen dry herb vaporizers, making it more useful for vaping sessions.

Battery- Desktop dry herb vaporizers plug into the wall so it would last as long as you want.

Vapor Quality- The vapor quality these dry herb vapes can produce is high-quality, flavorful, and aromatic

Temperature Control- Desktop gives its users full control over temperature which makes it highly desirable to some.

Discretion- Because of its large size desktops are not recommended to those who prefer discreet vaping.


Dry herb vaporizers or flower vapes are great ways to enjoy your favorite flower. Each type of vape has its advantages and disadvantages. If there’s one thing they have in common it’s that they can provide you the effects and benefits of cannabis without the negative side of smoking.

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