Dosing Capsules for Vaporizers – How Good are They?

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Dosing Capsules for Vaporizers – How Good are They?

Dosing capsules for vaporizers are relatively new vaping accessories and becoming quite popular very quickly. If you are like me, you might be wondering if they are as good as they sound.

I have been testing out some devices that have dosing capsules and in this post, I share my experience to help you decide if they are worth checking out.

What are Dosing Capsules?

These are little (usually aluminium alloy) containers with a click on or screw on top. The wall and the ends of the capsules have ‘screen like’ holes on them, so the airflow goes around the herbs easily. They are intended to hold your herbal materials, so they can be preloaded. As the name suggests, they enable delivery of a more precise ‘dose’ of herbal materials.

Dosing Capsules for Vaporizers

How do Dosing Capsules Work?

All you need to do is simply load them into the chamber of your portable or desktop vaporizer and turn your vape on, as you normally would.

Once your vaporizing session is over, you simply tip the capsule out of your chamber and wait for the capsule to cool down. It is not a golden rule as such that you must take the capsules out while they are hot, however, in my experience it is better than leaving it in the chamber.

Taking out the dosing capsule while it’s hot provides an opportunity to wipe off any visible resin from the mouthpiece or the capsule. You just have to make sure you don’t burn yourself.

The capsules cool down rather quickly though due to their aluminium construction.

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Benefits of Using Dosing Capsules for Vaporizers

  • They can be preloaded and can be taken with you when you leave home.

Having the preloaded capsules ready on the go makes life easier, as you don’t have to load your chamber with loose herbal materials. Loading your vaporizer is only a matter of putting a dosing capsule into your chamber.


  • Easier to measure exact amounts of herbal materials. You can simply put the capsule on the scale, tare it and add the correct amount of herbs into the capsule. Could be very handy for anyone that needs to follow exact amounts suggested by medical professionals.

  • The chamber of your vaporizer does not directly come in contact with the herbal materials. This means that resin does not accumulate on the wall of your chamber as quickly.


I find this alone to be of huge value. It is significantly easier to clean the wall of the dosing capsule than it is to clean the wall of the vaporizer heating chamber. In my view, the dosing capsules considerably increase the life expectancy of your device.

  • The dosing capsules are inexpensive and easily replaceable should you need to change them.

Drawbacks of Using Dosing Capsules with Your Vaporizer

  • The capsules do take up a little space in your chamber, so they do make your chamber that much smaller.
  • They are hot when you take them out of your vaporizer, so you need to handle them very carefully.

What Vaporizer Models come with Dosing Capsules

We have recently published a post about Storz & Bickel launching their dosing capsules, however, there are many others such as the Ald Amaze WOW, the Flowermate range as well as the Focus Vape family.

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So What’s the Verdict?

Overall, I believe that the benefits of using dosing capsules for vaporizers outweigh the drawbacks.

I am a huge fan of them as you might be able to tell by now. Based on my experience testing out vaporizers with capsules, it is easy to get used to the benefits and the convenience they provide and once you try them out, it’s hard to go back.

I expect many more major brands to follow this trend and consider the idea of the added convenience of the dosing capsules.

Are you still hesitant which vaporizer to get and need a hand with finding an AWESOME Vape for Your Lifestyle? Check Out Our Vaping Guide and let us help you to choose the best vape for you.

Please feel free to share with us your experience about using dosing capsules.

Thank you.



I have been vaporizing herbs for many years and working for VapeFuse in Australia and Europe. I try every vaporizer and fortunate enough to have this as part of my job. I feel like I am living the dream. I love to hear from other vapers, so always feel free to comment on my posts. Keep on vaping.

3 thoughts on “Dosing Capsules for Vaporizers – How Good are They?”

  1. Dosing Capsules are made of Aluminum Alloy so are there any medical concerns related to heating up the aluminum capsule?
    Any byproducts coming off the aluminum when heated?
    It is common knowledge that aluminum in our systems can lead to Alzheimer Disease so just want to know: How safe are these capsules in a vaporizer?

    • Hello Robert,
      Thank you for your comment.

      Great question. Yes, some of the dosing capsules are made of aluminium alloy, however some are made out of stainless steel.
      Aluminium could be an issue for anyone with metal sensitivity for sure, however it may not be that much of a concern for vapes who are not sensitive to metals.
      Storz & Bickel uses aluminium alloy for their dosing capsules and they are making their products to high EU manufacturing standards and claim that all materials are ‘food grade’, so I trust that they are ok.
      Story & Bickel also says that the ‘heat exchanger’ in the Mighty and Crafty is made out of aluminium, and I tend to think that it includes the wall of the chamber as it does look like aluminium.
      I am personally not concerned with using aluminium alloy dosing capsules, however if it is the slightest concern, I suggest going with a stainless steel capsule or not using one at all.
      I hope this helps.

  2. Are all dosing capsules the same size? ie : will the fit any vape or , do you have to buy to suit specific makes/ models


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