Do’s and Dont’s When it Comes to Herbal Vaporizers

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Do’s and Dont’s When it Comes to Herbal Vaporizers

A vaporizer (or vape) is a device that is used to vaporize the active ingredients of dried plant materials like tobacco, cannabis, herbs and other dry blends.

Using a cannabis vaporizer, especially the blue dream strain vaporizer, which is quite popular on the west coast, is increasing in popularity as one of the safest ways of consuming medicinal cannabis.

Crave Cloud herbal vaporizer

They provide a more potent form of consumption as compared to other methods. Vaporizers are commonly made up of metal or glass and are available in both desktop and portable sizes.

There are different kinds of vaporizers like e-cigarettes, marijuana vaporizers and medical vaporizers that are used for specific purposes.

Vaporizers can also be filled with a mixture of differently flavored e-juices containing propylene glycol, glycerin, and varying levels of nicotine according to the tastes and preferences of the user.

Given below are 5 dos and don’ts to make the most of your vaporizer:

herbal vaporizers

5 Do’s for Herbal Vaporizers

1. Know Your Vaporizers

There are mainly two types of dry herb vaporizers in the market- conduction and convection.

Convection vapes blow hot air across your botanicals, ensuring even temperature range through the chamber and overall better flavor and potency.

In a conduction vaporizer, the heat source is in direct contact with the herb.

This means that it heats up faster, so giving your herb a stir between pulls can help to redistribute heat and prevent it from burning. These type of vaporizers are less expensive and can be more user-friendly.


2. Get a Grinder

Grinding your herb in a specialized grinder is the best way to ensure maximum vapor as it gives an even texture to the herb and prevents them from burning too much or vaporizing unevenly.

How to Vape Cannabis Flower

This helps in even heating of the mixture leading to good flavor and thick clouds.

It also helps your vaporizer to effectively function in the long run.

The best herb grinder for all of your vaping needs is without a doubt the GrindeROO 4-Piece Metal Herb Grinder.

ALD Amaze Wow Herbal Vaporizer

3. Find Your Favorite Temperature

Temperature can affect the potency of herb- a lower temperature produces more flavorful hits with fewer throat hits while higher temperatures can provide a strong hit with thick and dense vapor but it will be less flavourful.

Many vaporizers come with adjustable temperatures so you can switch it up to find your optimum vaping temperature!

Arizer ArGo Herbal Vaporizer

4. Get a Vape Case

You likely spend a lot on the vaporizer and the last thing you want to do is spend another buck on a vaping case. But, that is a wise way to store your vaporizers.

Devices like the Arizer ArGo pictured above even come equipped with carrying cases for the vape and its accessories!

It looks durable but most vape pens are prone to breakage in case of rough handling.

Moreover, smell proof cases allow you the freedom to vape discreetly and avoid the pungent cannabis smell from getting out.

Cleaning and maintaining herbal vaporizers

5. Maintain Your Vape

One of the most important tips for vaporizing effectively is regularly cleaning and maintaining your vaporizer.

Leftover leaf material in the vaporizer is often sticky from heat exposure which can affect the flavor of herbs and create poor vapor.

Carry a spare vape battery or screen (whatever your vape requires) and replace screen frequently.

The Benefits of Digital Vaporizers Over Analog Vapes

This will help you ensure that your vape runs properly and produces clean, smooth vapor.

Carrying herbal vaporizers

5 Dont’s for Herbal Vaporizers

1. Don’t Vape in Public

While vaping has become increasingly popular and is now available in sleek, discreet designs like a herb vape pen, it has not received a 100% acceptance.

Many people might find it rude or worst still people with a contradicting mindset may question your character and create a further issue!

Moreover, many countries also have laws restricting public smoking or vaping.

As a matter of fact, even CBD oil in Florida, South Dakota, West Virginia and many other states is still not legal. So, it may be wise to take caution.

Arizer Solo II - Full-Convection Vaporizers

2. Don’t Underpack or Overpack

The amount of herb required for a decent session through your personal vaporizer depends on the size of its herb chamber.

While underpacking your vape can lead to thinner vapors, overpacking may affect the flow of vapor from the chamber to the mouthpiece.

A good tip is to pack the chamber till its full and slightly compress it with your fingers, taking care not to push down too hard and do damage to the screen or chamber within!


3. Don’t Take Sharp Hits

Vaping is different from smoking a cigarette or a joint.

Don’t take deep fast draws or petty little puffs. Instead, relax and take gentle, deep breaths.

This gives the vapor a chance to build up and become denser in the air path.

Exaggerated inhalations not only look strange but too much suction can result in the herb being sucked up in the chamber, thus blocking the airway.

Boundless Technology Portable Vapes: Meet the CFV, CFX & Tera

Dirty Arizer glass aroma tubes

4. Avoid Burning Your Herb

Smoking weed directly was a no less than a task. First, you need to grind it, remove the marijuana seeds, roll it and what not.

But with technology and an option of cannabis oil pen vaporizers, but there is a need to keep a watch on that too. While you need to heat your herb to produce vapor, you would want to avoid combustion of your herb.

Burning your herb can lead to the formation of many compounds that can be highly toxic and carcinogenic.

So, take time to experiment with different temperature levels until you find the right temperature that allows the formation of ample, thick vapor without burning the herb.

Puffit X herbal vaporizers

5. Don’t Be Stingy

Vaporizers are often expensive but don’t compromise on the quality of your vaping experience by opting for low-price vaporizers.

Vaporizers these days are mostly reusable and it is a one-time investment.

So opt for vaporizers from reputable brands and you’re guaranteed a high-grade vaping experience.

X Vape Vista

Even in Florida, where cannabis is still not legal, Florida Marijuana doctors have suggested and prescribes vaporizing cannabis extracts.

This has now become the method of choice for many medical marijuana patients there and in states like New York and Minnesota where cannabis still has not got the approval.

Check out the VapeFuse Store for the hottest range of vapes in town!

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