The Dangers of Vaping While Driving

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Vaping while driving is common. It can also be dangerous.

Yes, vaping while driving can be deadly. Every year, thousands of people are killed through distracted driving – including driving while vaping.

Vaping while driving seems innocent, but it can be hazardous. Keep reading to discover some of the dangers of vaping while driving.

It’s Legal to Vape and Drive

First, it’s important to note that vaping while driving is not illegal. You’re allowed to vape and drive at the same time – just like you’re allowed to smoke a cigarette and drive.

No state in America specifically forbids drivers from smoking or vaping while driving.

However, it may still be illegal to vape and drive because of distracted driving laws. Law enforcement officers have more leeway for enforcing distracted driving laws. If you’re blowing thick clouds that obscure your vision, for example, then you may receive a ticket for distracted driving – even though it’s not illegal to vape while driving.

Windshield Obstruction is Illegal in Many States

Many states have laws prohibiting windshield obstruction. If you have something between your face and the windshield obscuring your vision of the road, then you could receive a ticket.

If you vape and drive with the windows rolled up, then the thick vapor clouds could obstruct your vision. If a police officer sees an obstruction between you and your windshield, then the police officer could give you a ticket.

Using Portable Electronic Devices is Illegal in Many States

Many states have passed laws making it illegal to use portable electronic devices while driving.

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In most situations, this means drivers cannot text, use a laptop, or operate a tablet while driving a vehicle. However, the law could also be used to prevent e-cigarette use while driving.

An e-cigarette is a portable electronic device. If your state has passed laws preventing the use of portable electronic devices while driving, then a police officer could give you a ticket for vaping and driving.

It May Be Illegal to Vape While Driving with Children in the Car

Some states have passed laws making it illegal to smoke when you have children in the vehicle. In California, for example, you could face a $100 fine for smoking with minors in your vehicle.

It’s possible this law could be used to prevent vaping while driving. If a police officer sees you vaping while driving with minors in your vehicle, then you could receive a ticket.

Vaping While Driving Could Raise Insurance Premiums

Car insurance is all about risk. If you engage in risky behavior, then you’ll pay higher insurance premiums.

Smoking of any kind can raise life insurance premiums. However, it’s unlikely for vaping to directly raise insurance premiums.

Statistics do not show that people who vape are more likely to cause an accident than people who do not vape. Because there’s no statistical connection, insurers will not raise rates just because you vape.

However, insurance companies will raise rates after distracted driving citations, reckless driving tickets, at-fault accidents, and other incidents. If you drive carelessly when vaping, then your vaping habit could indirectly raise your insurance rates.

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Other Hazards Associated with Vaping While Driving

The safest way to drive is to keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road at all times. When you vape and drive, you’re breaking both of those rules.

Vaping requires you to take at least one hand off of the wheel. It also requires you to look down and take your eyes off the road.
Taking your eyes off the road for even one half second can significantly increase your chances of causing an accident.

The chances of causing an accident rise when using drip-style e-cigarettes that need to be frequently refilled. If you want to vape while driving, it’s best to use closed pod or cartridge-based e-cigarettes – or open tank systems that do not need to be refilled.

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Other hazards associated with vaping while driving include:

  • E-juices with high levels of vegetable glycerin could create thicker clouds, reducing visibility while driving (even if you have the windows rolled down)
  • E-juices with high levels of nicotine can lead to dizziness and light-headedness, increasing the chances of an accident
  • You increase your chances of an accident any time you remove your hands from the wheel or your eyes from the road, both of which are needed when using an e-cigarette

Final Word

For all of these reasons and more, driving safety experts do not recommend vaping while driving. Distracted driving is deadly in all forms.
Whether vaping, texting, smoking, or engaging in other types of distractions, you could pose a hazard to yourself and the people around you.

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