Concentrated Review: Breaking Down the X Vape Vista Portable eRig/eNail

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Concentrated Review: Breaking Down the X Vape Vista Portable eRig/eNail

Shoutout to all my concentrate vapers!

These concentrated reviews are my all time favorites to do because I get to talk to you guys about a topic that I’m super passionate about, concentrates!

For those of you that are new to the cannabis scene, concentrates are ultra-refined forms of cannabis extract that have been created with the purpose of being super high in potency!

Concentrate vaporizers usually come in the form of either a wax pen or eRig, and generally come equipped with an atomizer that is configured to reach the ultra-high temps wax vaporization requires!

X Vape Vista Portable eRig/eNail

Whereas in the past concentrates were consumed using hot knives, joints, or a traditional dab rig, these days a plethora of technological advancements have paved the way for some awesome devices to hit the market.

In a previous post, I ranked the best wax pens on the market, as well as comparing the CloudV ElectroMini and Dr. Dabber Boost eRigs, and now for the first time, I’ll be unveiling the X Vape Vista!

X Vape Vista

Concentrated Review: X Vape Vista dual eRig/eNail

eRig’s like the X Vape Vista and CloudV Electro pictured below are a relatively new concept that has recently been taking the vaping world by storm!

They remove the need for a blowtorch or expensive glass rig when dabbing concentrates and offer a far safer and cleaner alternative to traditional dab rigs.

X Vape Vista and CloudV Electro

While a traditional nail requires the use of a blowtorch to reach the desired temps required for concentrate vaporization, an eRig or eNail relies on the internal battery located in the base of the device.

The X Vape Vista combines the technology of an eRig with the functionality of an eNail, a battery-powered heating device used to hit dabs through a bong, making it the most versatile concentrate vape to date!

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X Vape Vista Portable eRig/eNail Kit

Its kit is almost scientific in nature and the sturdy metal exterior of the carry case looks like something out of a James Bond film!

The precision cuts in the soft foam of a super-high quality and are the perfect fit for the Vista and its accessories. If you’re using it as a traveler, you can rest assured that your vape is gonna be safe!

You’ll love the portability of the Vista, it comes equipped with a spill-proof water bubbler and has a crazy battery life so leave your torch at home!

X Vape Vista

Underneath the sturdy base, you’ll find the completely universal waterpipe adapter that has been designed for next level compatibility.

This adapter screws directly into the base of the battery and has an isolated airpath that’s super easy to clean. It has a universal 14mm/18mm male adapter which is the chillum size for most water pipes.

X Vape Vista

Unscrewing this adapter and flipping it over reveals a dual 14mm/18mm female joint adapter that would slide over the top of a male chillum, a glass joint that is quite common in the production of dab rigs.

TopGreen Tech, the manufacturer of the X Max and X Vape range, has put a monumental amount of work into the versatility of this device. I’m yet to come across a vape with as much functionality as the X Vape Vista!

X Vape Vista

When using a bong or waterpipe with your device, remember to take into account that it is quite weighty. If you’re using a tiny piece, I recommend not taking your hand off the eNail while it’s in use.

It’s recommended that you use a mood mat or other type of non-stick pad for your glass piece, and if you’re going to let the Vista go, make sure you’ve got a lot of water and you’re using a beaker or tube!

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A little hack I came up with is to load a decent sized glob of concentrate into the full-quartz nail, chuck it on a low temp and take a couple of large draws as it heats up. This way you can pull through a number of dabs, more like you would with a wax pen.

Credit: X Vape

Another awesome feature of the X Vape Vista is its amazing low temperatures. On the first two settings, you can pull through some amazingly terpy low temp dabs, while the higher temps create mad clouds!

Whatever your dabbing preference, the X Vape Vista’s full quartz nail will blow you away with its amazing quality and even heating.

X Vape Vista

Included in the Vista’s kit is:

1 x X Vape Vista eNail/eRig

1 x Aqua Bubbler

1 x Loading/Cleaning Tool

1 x Glass Splatter Guard

1 x Carb Cap

2 x Full-Quartz Nails

4 x Replacement O-Rings

1 x USB Charging Cable & Plug

1 x User Manual

X Vape Vista

If you’re a concentrate vaper that’s on the lookout for an eRig but still want to use your glass piece, the X Vape Vista is the vaporizer you’ve been waiting for!

Its totally innovative design and amazing vapor quality, coupled with a totally affordable price tag, make this the perfect device for both vaping novices and concentrate connoisseurs.

Keep an eye out for the X Vape Vista in the VapeFuse store!

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