CloudV F17 Portable Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

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CloudV F17 Portable Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

Hey VapeFusers!

After a brief hiatus, I’m back with another vape review to help keep you up to date with the latest in vaping news and content. The vape in question is the CloudV F17: one of the most discrete and simplistic little portables I’ve come across.

The CloudV F17 portable vaporizer is entirely metal and features a magnetic clip-on mouthpiece and charging cable. For such a small device, it delivers awesome clouds of vapor and the full-spectrum temperature control allows you to get the most out of your blend of herbs. The F17 cranks all the way up to 230 degrees Celsius and can accommodate 4 to 5 full sessions before needing to be recharged.

CloudV F17 Portable Vaporizer
It’s ultra lightweight and compact
and the new silicon cover cap ensures that the device can be used comfortably and discreetly without getting too hot to draw.

CloudV F17 Portable Vaporizer Outdoor Image 2 with Cap
The F17 has a pretty big chamber and accommodates up to 0.5 grams of dried herb. I love the pass-through charging feature, a first of its kind with a CloudV device, and never really worry about the battery running out.

CloudV F17 Portable Vaporizer chamber
If you’re looking for a stylish, sleek-looking portable vape that fits in any pocket, check out the CloudV F17 portable vaporizer in the VapeFuse store and my breakdown video of it below.

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Video Transcript

Hey, welcome back to the VapeFuse channel, where we keep you up to date with the latest in vaping news and technology. I’m Matt and I’m here on behalf of the VapeFuse store to help you find your optimum vaping experience.

Now, for this video, I’m gonna be breaking down an old favorite of mine, the F17 by CloudV, California-based CloudV Enterprises are famous for discreet portable vapes that are of a reasonable price and high quality. The range includes the Phantom Premium which I reviewed in another video, as well as the Phantom Mini and essential oil vapes the Platinum and Platinum Mini.

CloudV F17 Portable Vaporizer in black Outdoor
The F17 combines style and sophistication with an awesome vapor quality and is my favorite vape in terms of design and operation. I love the flat metal layout of the portable and the recent inclusion of a silicon cover solves previous overheating issues which made using the vape for long sessions, a hassle. When using the device for longer than three- minute increments, it would almost be burning your lips and you’d always have to wait for it to cool down in between sessions.

CloudV F17 Portable Vaporizer Black with wood background
Now with the included Silicone Cap, you’re free to vape for hours without having to worry about overheating. CloudV has recently developed a new mouthpiece for the F17 which we currently stock at the VapeFuse online store. These are made from food grade plastic – a similar to that of the Phantom Premium.

CloudV F17 Portable Vaporizer Black charging
The snap-on magnetic charger and mouthpiece are unique to the F17 and a great for simplifying cleaning and packing. When looking at the device, the three-button display features an embedded LCD screen for displaying the temperature and battery. This is the first product in the CloudV dry herb line of vaporizers to come with pass-through charging technology, that allows you to use the device while plugged in.

CloudV F17 Portable Vaporizer mouthpiece
The F17’s chamber can accommodate up to 0.5 grams of ground up herbs and its walls heat up the material to produce a tasty vapor with a full flavor profile. The mouthpiece connects magnetically and is a sturdy fit, making it unlikely to come off in your mouth during use. Packing is as easy as removing the magnetic mouthpiece and filling the chamber with ground herb. It’s simple to operate – to turn it on and off, just click the circle button three times and the LED display will indicate the current set temp.

The two smaller buttons allow you to set your desired temperature, followed by a double click of the power button to begin hating the chamber.

CloudV F17 Portable Vaporizer Black
This device’s temperature is relatively high and ranges between 185 and 230 degrees Celsius. To adjust the heat settings, simply click either of the small buttons to increase or decrease the temperature and the LCD display in the power button will show the real-time temperature of the chamber.

The F17’s battery is inbuilt and an inbuilt three minute- session time, ensures the battery life extends as long as possible. Simply press the power button again another three times to restart the device and continue your session for another 3 minutes. Opening the slim black box, you’ll find the F17 device in Black or Chrome, a Cleaning Brush, Packing Tool, Owner’s Manual, A silicon device cover and the Magnetic Charging Cable. Every CloudV portable dry herb vaporizer is backed by a one-year warranty to guarantee safety and quality.

CloudV F17 Portable Vaporizer on charger and mouthpiece off
Thanks for tuning in. Check out the CloudV F17 at the VapeFuse online store and subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with the latest in vaping content.

Banner CloudV F17

CloudV: The Stealthiest Vape Brand on the Market


Hey! I'm Matt, I've been a member of the VapeFuse family since July 2017 and am passionate about providing customers with the highest quality vapes that are going to revolutionise the way they look at consuming herbs. Aside from vaping, I love reading and travelling and have spent a bunch of time over in Europe learning about the herb we all know and love. I'll be keeping you up to date with the latest vape news and content, drop me a line if you have a story you want to share.

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