The ALD Amaze WOW V2 Portable Vaporizer Review

The ALD Amaze WOW V2 Portable Vaporizer Review

ALD Amaze has recently released the updated version 2 (V2) of its popular WOW portable vaporizer. We have been testing out the new device and if you are interested in what’s new and what’s changed in version 2, keep reading, we’ll go through the updates one by one.

ALD Amaze WOW - vaporizing kratom

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WOW Portable Vaporizer

WOW Ald Amaze Portable Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

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The Ald Amaze WOW Portable Vaporizer User’s Product Review

The Ald Amaze WOW portable vaporizer is a very well designed vaporizer that delivers high performance and reliability at an affordable price. There is so much to tell you about this portable vape, so let me get into it. Digital Display The WOW has a fully adjustable digital temperature control and it displays the set and … Read more