TopBond Odin Portable Vaporizer

VapeFuse Breakdown: TopBond Odin Portable Vape Review

What’s up VapeFusers, The cost of portable vaporizers has gone down exponentially over the past couple of years while the quality has continued to go up. I remember being happy to scoop a miniature portable for under $200 back in the day, these days you can pick up a vape for less than half that! … Read more

TopBond Novae vs DaVinci IQ

VapeFuse Review: TopBond Novae vs DaVinci IQ

What’s up VapeFusers? We’ve been copping a bunch of new products lately which is helping us to beef up our blog with heaps of quality reviews and comparisons. Two of my favorites from the past few months are the TopBond Novae and DaVinci IQ portable vaporizers. Although these devices are pretty similar in appearance, under … Read more

TopBond Novae Portable Vape in use

Breaking Down the TopBond Novae Portable Vape [VIDEO]

What’s up VapeFusers! TopBond Technology recently unveiled their newest portable device, the TopBond Novae! This durable little portable is super discreet and capable of blowing some major clouds! The third release in TopBond’s line of portables, which also includes the Torch and the TopBond Odin, the Novae comes equipped with a number of premium features which help … Read more

TopBond Odin vs Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini

VapeFuse Review: TopBond Odin vs Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini

Hey VapeFusers! I recently introduced you guys to the TopBond line of portable vaporizers, which includes the Novae, the Torch, and my personal favorite, the TopBond Odin! The Odin stood out to me due to its resemblance to another personal favorite of mine, the Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini. Both devices are premium portables that are … Read more

TopBond Line of Portable Vapes

Introducing the TopBond Line of Portable Vapes

Hey VapeFusers! Ripping into the packaging of a new vape, busting it open and blowing some clouds is one of my favorite pastimes. At VapeFuse, I’m lucky enough to have almost a new product every week to try out. Last week we got a shipment of new portables from TopBond Technology, which featured three unique … Read more